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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Wait and See

First of all a big 'thank you' to everyone who wished me (and the dogs) a great 2019... the year in which the Republican Party slices and dices itself in one horrific blood bath.  I saw in BBC where Mitt Romney has already thrown the first 'sucker punch.'    Isn't it funny how their boy Mitt loves the tax break which, as very, very wealthy man, benefits his bank account greatly.  He is a conservative, of course, which means he is an automatic member of the Party of My.
Yesterday I went down to York, PA to see my friend Betsy.  We had lunch at Panara and went to see a movie.  Initially I'd thought we might get tickets for "Vice."  However, the more I thought about it, the more I decided I was going to wait and rent it.  You see, even though it is a comedy and you do get a chance to laugh out loud at that imbecilic ass wipe, in the end nothing happens to him.  He doesn't go to jail.  He shoots another, very deserving conservative, in the face and gets away scott-free.  And it isn't like Cheney cares what people think, that they're going to be sitting in their movie seats laughing at him.  Hell, no.  As a conservative, and member of the Party of My, he doesn't care about people... nope, just himself.  His credo is, and always will be, 'I did it all... and I did it My Way.'
I'm thinking of buying a desk for downstairs for what used to be the dining room.  The upstairs computer is used for blogging, and playing games, and watch gaming Youtube channels.  Occasionally I do write upstairs, but mostly the writing and the research are done downstairs.  Yeah, I know it's weird.  It's easier to understand if you consider the downstairs writing is 'work' and that area is a 'work space,'  That work space is nice, but I think it's a bit cluttered.

The writing Room
Yes, you are seeing correctly, I write at an old kitchen table.  Storage space would be really nice.  Right now I find myself shuffling through notes looking for reminders of things that need to be either added, taken out, or revised.  I was looking at desks that were immense, some up to 76 inches wide, and they are all way to big.  So I've changed course, smaller, for once, might be better, and maybe kidney shaped.  That style would go much better with my Von Scheirholz porcelain.  We shall have to wait and see.


  1. say WHAT? a renowned published author such as yourself DESERVES a handsome desk AND a larger monitor!

    dick cheney can go fuck himself with a 1000F degree hot poker! criminal muthafucka!

  2. I thought 5e same about Vice. Darth Vader creeps me out. He got scot free and he’s guilty of more shit than anybody in W’s tenure. And I love you’ve got your dedicated space for writing!

    1. Yeah, he's pretty much of an evil sack of shit.