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Friday, December 28, 2018

Suckers in Washington

Well, let's call today Friday, not that names of the week really mean anything to me.  For the next couple of weeks my schedule is 'on again, off again.'  I don't believe there's a stretch where I work more than 3 days in a row, which is ducky dandy for me.
This is day 11 for my viral infection.  I have reached a point where my symptoms are normally what I would call "a cold."  Usually, when I do get a cold, the total duration is 3-4 days... sometimes they'll hang around 6-7, but rarely.  This is not fun for me.
One of the statements I hear as a flooring specialist that I find most appalling, is when a customer states they're "looking for a color that's going to hide dirt."  Think about that now....   Are you thinking?  Just what does that statement tell you about this customer?  They don't vacuum?  Or maybe they just pull out the old Hoover every other week.  And, if they do get a carpet that "hides the dirt" will they ever pull it out...? the Hoover, I mean.  I have dogs, one is sort of large, the other is very large, and when they do a dump outside, they do a dump.  They also play outside... a lot, and even though my yard is fairly large, you can  bet the farm that one, if not both of them, will run through that pile of shit.  Now, I have hardwood floors with area rugs and believe me, I would not want an area rug that "hides the dirt."
On the Idiot Jerks recent, and not too secret, trip to a very safe war-zone is coming under more fire for very many reasons:  the faces of clandestine operatives were revealed, and he handed out those little. red sinner's caps so many of his followers wear.  But he said something to the effect of "we are no longer the world's suckers."  Now, there have been times when our government has made bad decisions and gotten us involved in wars a majority of Americans didn't agree with, Vietnam for one, and W's Desert Stomp (or what ever he called it).  Never once, however, did I think a foreign government was using us the way you use a 'sucker,' or a stooge.  The definitions for a sucker is

 a gullible or easily deceived person.and they got suckered into accepting responsibility

As far as I can remember, we were never suckered into anything.  And when it came to defending democracy, whether our on, or that of other peoples, the Republican Party had always been at the forefront. Not anymore.  Those who go to help others are now seen as "suckers."  With that one word the Idiot Jerk wipe away the honorable life of every American who has died in war from the Revolutionary War to the present.  
Remember that great meeting with Kim Jong Dumb and the Idiot Jerk.  Afterward, the Idiot Jerk crowed "they will denuclearize!"  Well, that's not happening.  Reports are coming in that just the opposite is the new reality, that the North Koreans are moving into a 'mass production' phase, adding up to 20 new nukes a year.  Denuclearize?  Kim just showed the world who the real sucker is... the Idiot Jerk in the White House.


  1. There is nothing this buffoon has said that hasn't been proven to be a lie.

    1. Now if only we could get his followers to understand that.. unfortunately, there's a sucker born every minute.

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    1. Actually, I don't think he does it for money, he does it because he's stupid.

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    1. Ah, yes, those Goiden Shower tapes are really paying off.