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Friday, December 14, 2018

Light this Up

Well, it's Friday and also my hump day.  Ain't that sweet?  A storm's moving eastward.  This translates into more rain.  The temps are supposed to go up, too, closer to what we might consider normal for December.  If memory serves me, this has tended to be a yearly occurrence:  cold in the first part of the month, but then warming up.  January and February are the months we are normally cold.
I had my review yesterday.  It was fine.  I'm getting a nice increase which is nice.  I can't wait for the next 2 weeks to pass.  Not only will we lose the Christmas music (remember when we called the Carols?) but it looks as though I'll be down to 32 hours per week.  I find that ducky dandy.
I hear there are a lot of whispers going around that the Idiot Jerk is quietly complaining to friends (I mean, does he really have any) he is concerned he might be impeached.  As I've said before, I think he'll quit before that happens.  I'm not one for New Year's predictions, but I wouldn't be surprised if he pardons everybody (except Cohen) and then resigns and relocates to Russia.  Pence desperately wants to be in the 'hot seat,' so he'd love it.  2020 rolls around and it's Pence running for president with Nikki Haley as his VP.  The social conservatives would love that shit.  They don't understand how badly they've been tainted by the Idiot Jerk, how he has managed to reveal how truly phony they are.  There ain't no smart bulb going to go off in their heads.
And speaking of bulbs, or... well... lights, I bought a new one for the dining room... and a nifty little end table - birds and vines.

This me slowly transitioning away from the very bright lights of the ceiling fan into something that provides more ambiance.


  1. I have thought the same thing. He will quit, resign or not run again before he has to say he was impeached...or worst, voted out. How could he ever have that? If he leaves on his own accord, he can brag then about the cough cough..good work he did.

    *rolling with laughter and slapping knee*

    1. That's precisely what will happen unless someone cuffs him on the way to the airport.

  2. Oh I hope as hell he doesn’t quit. First the devil’s butler as Vice President would take over and that would be bad. Second, I want to see him humiliated and taken away in handcuffs along with his spawn. I’m nice like that

    1. Oh, I don't think there's anything to worry about when it comes to the humiliation. A vast majority will be shouting "Your Fired, shit head!"


    me likey the new lamp and table!