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Monday, April 16, 2018

There's fun in stripping

Well, we have another crappy weather day here is Central Pennsylvania.  Flood warnings are out for most of the region.  And, of course, this is one of my days off.  I use Accuweather and always check approaching weather patterns on my days off.  So far, for the next 3 weeks, things don't look too good.
I spent a good portion of yesterday stripping - no pole, no music, just a steamer and a ladder.  The grape border around the dining room is now gone.

Yes, that is a blue lava light on the table

About halfway through the job, Big Seig came to stand... and watch, but only briefly before going back to lay on the sofa.

Anyway, I see the Idiot Jerk was busy trying to keep all of the dirt his attorney has out of the public eye.  He knows that once that shit hits the fan.... well, the shit will hit the fan.  Wouldn't surprise me if the truth is far worse then we even imagine.  And, of course, people don't really like him.  You can feel the anticipation growing.  His bad Karma is going to take a hammer his world.  For what is probably the first time in his selfish, self-absorbed, self-centered life he might have the slightest inkling of fear.  He is losing control, the one thing he has lorded about having.  He thought being president would give him the power to do what ever he wants, dumb shit.  Didn't anybody ever tell this fool that every president is under a microscope?  Well, somebody probably did, however he doesn't really listen.  Perhaps if he'd seen it on Faux News... maybe.  
Just like the grape border that used to top my dining room walls, the Idiot Jerk is going to come down, stripped away and thrown into the trash.  When that day arrives, think of all of the fun we're going to have.  Which goes to prove how much fun there is in stripping.


  1. The walls will look good without the grape border.

    When we bought our house, the master bedroom had a pineapple .... PINE-effing-APPLE.... border, and i was annoyed by having to take it down until I discovered that the previous owners had just stapled it to the wall, all the way around the room. One quick tug and it was done!

    1. Today's going to be patch, sand, and prime and maybe cut in with the new color: Juniper Berries

      Pineapples - tropical fruit - that's funny!

  2. "there's fun in stripping" - if money is involved, yes. alas, yours did not involve money. it was nice of seig to "supervise" though.

    desperate dump will do something stupid; just watch!

    1. Of course he's going to to something stupid and all of the ugliness inside is going to come gushing out for the world to see.