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Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Numbering of Days

So, my Sunday morning workout at Planet Fitness went well.  Sunday mornings are fairly empty, especially at 6:30 AM.. even more so if you're there just for the weights.  I don't know why it is some people think Sunday mornings are a good day to sleep in... I never get to sleep in, dogs, you know.  Big dogs that jump around on the bed at 5 in the morning because their little bladders are full.
There's not a lot of news on Sunday morning either.  Mostly what's posted are the leftovers from Saturday.  Even the Idiot in the White House seems to think that Sunday morning is a good time to lay down his phone for at least a half hour or so.
Of course the Idiot's plan to repeal the ACA and replace it with Trumpcare is... for lack of a better word, failing.  At last count there were at least 5 Republican Senators who were going to vote nay, and even if they do manage to get something passed, then it's got to go back to the House for approval.  Or, as I understand it, they work in tandem, some sort of joint session.  Either way, this thing is going to tank just like everything else the GOP works on, in fact for them it seems as though failure is the only option.
Let's be honest here, if the Idiot weren't signing Executive Orders on a regular basis, this administration would be accomplishing far less than I do with my morning bowel movement.
Evidently one of my flooring associates had a death in the family, his sister-in-law died and he told somebody, nobody really knows just who, that he was going to be taking bereavement leave (3 days).  Of course nothing was put into the system and his first day he was listed as a 'no call, no show,' and when they called him to find out what was going on, he was... where ever... and explained the situation.  Without knowing he was going to be off, we were very short handed.  He was a kitchen designer with a problem until 2 weeks ago.  His problem was that he was designing kitchens that weren't selling, which is why he's now in Flooring.  He's not happy.  I think his days are numbered.

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  1. and the executive orders mean jack shit, so dump and dumplings have done NOTHING since 1/20/17!