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Monday, June 26, 2017

A day like any other?

Well, today is Monday and it's my first day of work this week, but then I have tomorrow off, and then I get to work for another 3 days, and then another day off.  This is how life is in Retail.  It's worse if you're in management, I know.  They have some overnights coming up, all of them, for overhead bay maintenance - that's when you get on an Order Picker or Electric Ladder and lift yourself up into the overhead to see what's hiding up there.  I no longer have to do that, which makes me soooo happy.
The Supreme Court is to let loose with some rulings today, which should be interesting.
Oh, and the Health Care debate is going to be heating up.  In a sad sort of way I'm hoping that the GOP gets the votes and passes this hate festival.  You know that when the Koch brothers say it doesn't go far enough when it comes to dismantling medicaid millions upon millions of people are going to be hurt.  Maybe when Conservatives have to start spending their own hard earned dollars in order to keep Granny in the nursing home they will learn.  Of course, the Do Nothing Party will most likely keep doing what they don't do best and do nothing.
I did another 48 minutes of cardio this AM - interesting how, when you're speeding along and your heart beating about about 95% max, odd things seem to pop into your head... well, they pop into mine at least.  Like this morning I started thinking about religion and wondered what if Jesus was not whom everybody thinks he was, I mean in the Jewish faith he's a wise man, maybe a prophet, and I think the same thing holds true in the Muslim faith.  But what if he was actually more like the embodiment of Brahman?   Of course my endorphins were pinging in and out of my little gray cells like little rockets at the time, still this might be one of those imponderables.

Maybe it's a good thing I only do cardio every other day.


  1. WTH? did my spouse's latest post get you pondering these mysteries?

    1. Think of it as Runner's High and it does seem to effect my mental state sort of like dysfunctional clarity, at least that's how my friend Steve explains it - he should know, he runs about 100 miles a week.