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Monday, December 5, 2016

Young and sleekly stylish

Don't think I've ever posted any pictures of me from my Navy days and, well, since we're heading into the holidays thought this might be a nice time to do so.  This is me and my Grandmother.  I was fresh home from boot camp at Great Lakes and was preparing to head off to 'A' School.

Don't we all wish we could stay young, sleek and stylish?  By the way, this is the original Lily Daubert.  The one I named Lillian D'Aubert after.


  1. oh my! (fans herself) aren't YOU just the handsomest thing!

    and your grandmom looks like my grandmom!

    1. She had a sister called Dot who was less then 4' tall, which was funny, you know... Dot.