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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

La La Land

So, I went to see La La Land last night.  On a Tuesday night... the theater was filled.  Everybody wants to see this movie, this original musical, this almost forgotten genre.  I liked it... a lot.  The feel is both Retro and Modern.  Colors jump out at you.  The opening number brought a tear to my eye - this is what movie musicals were in their golden era.  Gosling and Watson are both very, very good.  When they are happy, you are happy.  When things get tough the ache filters through the audience, a soft hand on your shoulder that makes you sigh.  Reality peeks through the fantasy with a sly wink.  This movie is about its two stars, but also about Hollywood, about La La Land with its successes and failures.

How good is La La Land?  When the movie was over, there was applause from the audience.  When I heard that I knew I was not the only one touched.

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