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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Matching Beavers

Well, it's Christmas morning here in Central PA and Santa is still in the building.  He's laid out all of the new toys for Seig and Lily and shortly will begin removing the tags.  As you can see, most of his elves work at Kong - no problem, he wants to make sure all of his doggy toys are durable with as little stuffing as possible.  This year 2 of the toys come with extra squeakers - now isn't that smart!

Santa is in the building
They were all excited when I put on their new collars, fluorescent yellow with reflective stitching, but it was their matching beavers which seems to have been the greatest bit of all.

Matching beavers
Anyway, I was talking to Ved, one of my cashiers / paint associates, and I asked him if they celebrated Christmas in India.  He said, "of course, we don't do it for the religious thing, but we all get presents."  I suspect this might be the true meaning of Christmas, a time of giving, of spreading joy and happiness, of lending a hand and, maybe a stronger set of shoulders, a holiday that is evolving to be all inclusive for all races and all religions.  Ain't that neat!  You all have a Merry Christmas!

Drat, one of the beavers has already lost her squeaker!


  1. matching beavers - now THAT had my mind going! bwhahahahahaha!

    what lucky doggies to get such nice toys from santa!

    but what did he leave YOU?

  2. Sounds like you and yours did OK. Enjoy the day, Dave.