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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Russians?

I don't know what they're looking at, and doubt if they're trying to learn English from my blog, but when I checked my stats this morning I saw I had over 1200 hits from Russia.... The entry they seemed to be swarming around was the one about the Republican part being a dead elephant.  And I thought boy, they really are interested in even my opinion about Trump.  As a result, I wasn't too surprised when I got home from work and saw this headline regarding the Russians and the hacking of the DNC computers.  Of course, Trump has always seem to have had a fondness Putin and Russia, and especially for Slovakian women, especially plastic ones.

Dark Green = heavy hitters
And one suspects Putin keeps his eye out for pseudo dictators and will, no doubt, lend a hand to get one into power for the right price.  Of course, a Trump presidency would be the end of democracy in this country.  He would substitute it for the kind of democracy they have in Russia, where he always manages to stay in power.  And don't forget there are Trumplings waiting in the wings, which means if things go his way, we might one day be living in Trumpsylvania.  One can only wonder if we should start learning more Russian then da and nyet.


  1. mine looks like that too. my top 4 countries are russia, us, canada, uk. THE RUMP SUCKS!

    1. HHhhm, verrry interesting.

    2. I recently re-read "It Can't Happen Here" by Sinclair Lewis and now I'm really worried.
      Sarah from California

    3. I don't think it can since I highly suspect Trump is going to dump himself.