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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Is Trump the Herald of Death

Well, I looked at my  schedule for 3 weeks out last evening and groaned.  I'm scheduled  to do a closing followed by an opening which means I have 7 hours off between shifts.  Crap.  That's not enough time, so I sent out a text and was told the 'error' would be fixed.
Yesterday I also posted a link to this video of Trump saying he wanted to hit people onto my Facebook page.  In case you haven't seen it, take a gander.  And I received several comments, one of which implied that Trump is not used to the political stage and therefore unskilled when it comes to censoring his comments.  Well, that's bullshit.  He's a 70 year old business man who's used to saying things like "do it," "shut up and give me what I want," and "don't pay them."  He loves to say things like "you're fired" because he loves to dictate.   His whole approach to this election cycle proves he doesn't know the difference between a president and a dictator.
Now I know there are people who love him for this, but there are many, many more who don't.  In fact, I suspect that quite a lot of them are questioning whether he might not actually be the Herald of Death.  Me?  I think he is.  Not for mankind, or the human race, but rather for the Republican party.  Even the crazy conservative Koch brothers want little to do with him.  They know he's poison.  He is loudly barreling through their tightly woven conservative world like Godzilla through a cardboard Tokyo.  For them, for the GOP, and for the conservative movement, Trump is the Herald of Death.

How sad, I think it is, that there are so many Republicans who find themselves enraptured with him without understanding that they are nothing to him.  When he says he's created thousands of jobs, they don't get the connection that those jobs are in China, and Mexico, and Honduras.  These Trumplodites will be so smashed after he loses the election they will never vote again.  His loss is going to hit them so hard their heads will spin, and they will never recover.  For all of those people, he is the Herald of Death.


  1. I have been tempted to do a quick scan of the kind of scriptures that the wing nuts love, to find parallels to the (t)Rump and then to kickstart a social media thing to prove he is the Anti-Christ. Or maybe the Mark of the Beast is being hidden by that hideous "hair" of his. Why else would someone who claims to have wealth look like that? He has to be hiding something ... Remember the kid in "The Omen" and the telltale numbers on his scalp?

    1. That's funny because I, too, thought he might be the Anti-Christ but in reality I think he's nothing more than a loud mouthed idiot who's had political luck being politically incorrect.

  2. the rump will be the death of this country if he is elected.

    "rump is not used to the political stage and therefore unskilled when it comes to censoring his comments" - stop the car, I smell an ignorant bitch! (as mistress maddie loves to say) the rump is a fucking old white male whose attitude needs to DIAF AND he can take his knuckle-dragging neanderthal white male dicksuckers with him!

    1. They're not all male, though they are all white, at least on the inside.