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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Ipod number 5

Tonight I get to work the first of two overnights, it will be my 7th day working without a day off and so I'm tending to be be a bit cranky about things.  Like my new Ipod arrived yesterday.  My old one is sitting on a shelf locked up in Ipod hell.  I had the same problem with the first Ipod I bought - it played great for about 2 years and then.... nothing.  It wouldn't play music, wouldn't sync, what it did do was lay there daring me not to throw it out.  I threw it out and got myself a nice new one - lime green.  That one worked well, too, until the Imac it was linked to self-immolated, then, for some reason Apple couldn't explain, I could link it to another computer, but I couldn't add new music.  My 3rd Ipod was stolen.  I left it in my locker at work but didn't lock the lock.  Eight hours later it was gone.  We know who the thief was, he was relaxing in a recliner five feet away from my locker however, because there was no direct proof, nothing charges could be filed.  Interestingly, 2 weeks later he walked off the job.
My 4th Ipod is also daring me not to throw it out.  After about 3 years, it too has stopped working.
Now I'd said I wasn't going to buy another one since I'd like to get more than 3 years service from my purchase.  But then the other night I started looking around on Amazon.
Number 5 arrived yesterday.
It's an Ipod Touch... and it's gold.

And it's filled with software I am never going to use.  Maybe the email, and the weather and possible the clock, but Siri?  Give me a break.  Now, all I have to do is wait and see how long this one lasts.


  1. sounds like cheap chinese junk. nope, I don't own one.

    1. Truth is they're not long lived which is why, when I buy, I don't go top of line.

  2. I'm sure you've done this but one never knows. Google it. There are many solutions both from Mac support and from others. It's helped me with so many tiny little problems and some rather major ones not only for my Apple products but for my dad's pc and so much sh*t around the house. ex. a few years ago my wii stopped working. Google to the rescue. Solution? Not only did you have to unplug it from the wall but you had to disconnect the plug from the unit AND the plug from the transformer AND then reconnect them in a specific order. This was a problem for a while for many electronics - usually after an update.

    1. Not only did I Google, I contacted, and, said to say, my little unit is fried.