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Friday, July 1, 2016

But does he take off his pants?

Yesterday was my Saturday... well, for me at least since that was my day off.  I'm back to work today and tomorrow and, lucky me, I get to close the store. Sunday I'm off, so I guess Sunday will be my Sunday.
Tuesday I'm going to see the new Independence Day movie, not because I'm expecting it to be really that good, it's just that Tuesday is 'el cheapo' night, matinee pricing and your popcorn is free.  When our schedules all sync, my friends and I usually go to the movies on Tuesday because... well, we're cheap.  Besides, no one wants to pay full price to see this movie.  I didn't really like the first one.  Sure, the FX were great, but in the end all you got was a cheesy remake of 1953's War of the Worlds.  Anyway, there's also a little banter between us about possibly going to see the new Tarzan.  Reviews have not been kind, but then reviews are just opinions.  I mean look, I'm going to see the new Independence Day and reviews for that have been horrendous, but then I'm not going to be paying full price. So, Tarzan might end up being one of those Tuesday night movies, you know?
I'm sure a number of people might go to see Alexander Skarsgard, mostly, probably, to see him without his clothing.

Do you think he works out much?
Now, I don't know about you, but when I think of Tarzan I think of his yell, you know, his call of the jungle?  And I think about his little loincloth.  Don't you?  When you think of Tarzan swinging on vines, is he wearing a pair of pants?  Or do you visualize in him in a little bit of leather that barely covers anything?  Something that's worn for safety purposes only?  Has anybody seen this movie yet?  Does he take off his pants?  If he doesn't, well, maybe those in charge are kicking themselves in the butt right now.  I mean, with all of the bad reviews you'd have thought they'd want to give us at least one enjoyable distraction.


  1. Replies
    1. He actually does have a bit of a pelt, but it's very fine.

  2. I think of Tarzan wrestling a plastic crocodile. Clothing is not an option.

    1. So, is this the depths of political correctness we've fallen too?

  3. Tarzan without a loincloth is just a guy on a vine.
    He should'a been loincloth'ed!

  4. You can only wonder how much a loincloth improves the aerodynamics of swinging.