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Monday, April 11, 2016

The Porcine Project

As I expected, the results of the one day paint sale did more to illuminate the weather issues then they did add monies into my Total Sales Plan.  Having almost 3 inches of snow on Saturday didn't help.  Nor did the fact that the signage did not clearly illustrate that only the most expensive paints and stains were on sale; increased markdowns at the registers were a result.  As a whole, sales in both the district and the region were disappointing.  Someone in corporate needs to understand that Spring in Atlanta hits a lot earlier then spring in Pennsylvania, or New York, or Vermont.  I mean, what knuckle-head would buy a patio set which is going to need to stay boxed up for at least another month?
On a lighter note, a customer showed up early last evening with an interesting item to be color-matched, where we tint the paint to match the color of a certain, specific object.  And what did he bring us?  A pig.

Of course it wasn't a real pig.  Nope, this was target pig used at an archery course.  The customer had repaired a big hole and needed to paint over the patch.  He also said his next project was going to be a White Tailed Deer.  That would be interesting.  Anyway, it took my associate about 15 minutes to get the color just right, and while she did that I fixed him up with a white paint pen to take care of the spots.  He was very satisfied.  Ahhh, paint, the final frontier... sometimes.

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