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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Open this

I had off yesterday and, since it was nice, spent much of the day working on what I call "my patio."  Actually, it's what used to be my back yard, and still is, however now most of the grass is gone thanks to the dogs.  So, I'm buying pavers and eliminating the dirt, which they bring into the house by the bucket.  Originally I was going to fill in with marble chips, but changed my mind.  I'm going to plant grass between all them.  I think that will be a nice contrast.
Anyway, yesterday wasn't all work, there was some amusement.  My neighbor, Chris, who owns Nathan's Bar and Grill, had spent the day before (Thursday) installing a garage door opener.  Yesterday, he realized he couldn't find the fob. Feeling sure that he'd left it in the garage, he needed to break in since he couldn't open the door.  Originally there were windows in the building which had been covered over a number of years ago.  His idea was to rip off the siding and climb in through the window, which he did.  And, as I suspected, the fob was not inside.

Patio sans grass
Of course, he had to put back the siding.  Honestly, you would never realize he had ripped so much of it off of the wall.  I'm not that talented.  I can lay down pavers and plant grass seed.  I don't have a garage.  I don't have to worry about losing the fob.  I will never have to look at a locked garage door and ask myself "okay, how do I open this?"

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