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Thursday, April 14, 2016

McCrory starts to dive

Just a quick note before I go to work.

When North Carolina governor Pat McCrory signed Hate Bill 2 I'm sure all of he, as well as all of his Republican cronies thought it was the answer to their prayers.  He was in the middle of a very close re-election campaign and this was going to be the perfect way to rally the troops.  You know?  That invisible silent majority they keep dreaming of?  However, that's not what happened.  In reality they were standing too close to the fan when they threw the shit and now they're splattered with stink.

And his numbers are going down.  Except, that is, among the Republican base, a group of people who just happen to like eating shit.  And then this idiot issued an Executive Order in an attempt to stem the flow of voters; that's probably not going to help his campaign.  In fact, it may piss off his crazy base and they may stay home from the polls.  I suspect things are only going to get worse for this guy.  Of course, maybe what he wants more then anything else in the world, is to go to a Jimmy Buffett concert.

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