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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Beyonce: stretching with spandex?

I'm not a big Beyonce fan mostly because I don't listen to pop radio.  I know who she is, but what she does is relatively unimportant to me since, in the long run, everything she does is going to be inconsequential.  That almost changed the other day when, glancing over an article, I saw her name mentioned with something called Ivy Park.  I first I thought of amusement parks, rides, you know?  So I Googled it and the first hit I got was Ivy Park Apartments.

This is in Atlanta, Georgia

Putting your brand on real estate... now, that's ingenious.  Beyonce was moving away from the superficial and creating something of substance.  Now I will have to say I wasn't too impressed with the kitchens.

That's faux wood flooring

Let's be honest here.  That laminate flooring is crap.  And those door pulls on the cabinets?  Not for me.  Give me a good, old fashioned knob to grab onto.
Of course, this whole vision was totally shattered by my next click.  Holy Shit, she's not building apartments, she putting out another line of 'athletic / leisure wear.'  She gambling, and we all know she's right, that there are a number of women (and some men) who'd just love to have her name on their ass.  Unless you exercise regularly, you need to avoid spandex in any shape or form, no matter who's name is on it, because it's going to amplify every ripple and every drooping sag.
I'll wager that maybe... 1 out of every 200 people who buy Ivy Park (wear) will be able to do something like this:

I have one of these things in my basement, it holds up the duct work

How many aides do you think it took to get her into that cage?  There's a video, too (no link) in which she talks about running....  That's not a runner's ass.  Believe me, I know what a runner's ass looks like, and she does not have a runner ass.
Anyway, she'll still make money and for her that's all that's important.  Five years from now this line of clothing will no longer be around.  This is how life is.  I feel sorry for the people who are going to waste their money on it just because they want a celebrity name on their ass.

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