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Sunday, January 7, 2018

The passing of days

So, here it is Sunday and for us here in Central PA the warm-up starts here and now!  Temp is going up to 19 (F) here!  Tomorrow up to 30 (F), which is still below freezing, but is much, much better than 5 (F) or 3 (F).
I'm going to refrain from commenting about the Idiot Jerk and his self- praising Tweets regarding his own Intelligence since almost everybody on this entire planet is still laughing.  Remember the Clown Parade?  As if every Executive Order, every Cabinet Member, every public speech, even his historically horrendous Tax legislation, didn't revel in his lacking intellect.  We already knew he was like.... really smart.  Oh, sorry, I wasn't going to do that.
Let me be honest here... I'm like.... not really sorry.
Anyway, I did an hour of cardio yesterday morning so this morning I'm going to do some strength training - here at the house, not at the gym.  Too cold yet, you know?  I'm looking at 1/15 for a return to Planet Fitness.  By then, according to the forecasters, temps will have moderated upwards, and also all of those New Years Resolution people will have broken their resolutions.  This doesn't mean I'm looking forward to seeing Fat and Skinny again, but who's to say they're still putting in an appearance.  Cardio is great for your heart, but it's the strength training which gets your metabolism fired up.
I am off tomorrow, and I have a number of things planned, including a visit to my Mom.  My brother went to see her yesterday and texted me about her deteriorating memory.  Nothing is going to stop her circulatory dementia, so every time you see her it's a little bit worse.  I used to stay for an hour, now I'm might stay for half that time.  Her conversation is fine as long as she's doing the talking and even then she might just forget you're there, pick up the remote, and turn on the TV.  This is how it goes.  At least she's no longer talking about her imaginary boyfriend, John.
Anyway, I do get to work today.  I've got a shitty schedule.  Off tomorrow, work Tuesday, off Wednesday, then I work 3 days and have 3 days off.


  1. it's currently 3F here; by tuesday 38F. YEAH BABY!

    1. That's when I get to go out and clean up all the frozen dog doo in the yard.

  2. Replies
    1. Do you even have a furnace? Or is it some sort of little heater thing to take the chill off of the nights?

  3. Replies
    1. Are their ice bergs floating around Staten Island yet?

  4. By weeks end it's suppose to be in the high 40's here. But I really don't mind the cold. Keeps the skin tight you see...appearing younger.......