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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Cut This

Well, here it is Thursday.  I am a finger click away from ordering the new laptop.  I did my income tax and I know I'm getting a refund that will pay my car insurance for 2018 and almost all of the laptop expense.  My out of pocket costs will be about $180.  As I said, right now it's only a click away from being shipped.
I had an interesting experience at work yesterday.  We have rolls of carpet on rolls that we sell.  A customer comes in and says "hey, I want 10 feet of that one," and we cut off a 10 foot section.  Well, yesterday and contractor comes in, probably in his mid-twenties, and tells me he wants to pieces, one 10 feet long and one 3 feet long.  So John, one my fellow associates and I rolled out the 10 foot section, however our cutter is a little slow, so about halfway through the cut it slowed down and Jay gave it a push.  As we pulled off the carpet, I looked down and asked, "hey, John, is that a piece of your finger down there?"  We laughed because you can't really cut off a piece of your finger.  However, the contractor spoke up.  "I did that once," he said, "all smoked up on weed.  I cut off the tip of my finger and could flip it back and forth.  Boy did I sober up fast."  And, of course, we laughed.  And after he left we laughed.  How could anybody be that damn stupid?  You'd almost think his last name was Trump.
And, of course, the Idiot Jerk in the White House says he can't wait to talk to Mueller... under oath.  My money says his attorney's have been coaching him constantly, and will, no doubt, give him crib notes that will most like read "I'm taking the 5th Amendment."  I wonder if he's feeling the noose tighten around his neck?  I mean Rick Gates has now hired a high profile attorney who specializes in plea bargains. 

My money says that if he gets desperate, the Idiot Jerk will cut someone else's throat, most likely Mitch McTurtle's since there's buzz out there how McTurtle advised Obama not to go public with the news of Russia's meddling.  But then again the Idiot Jerk might just start swinging that blade blindly and all whole bunch of throats, and political careers might get sliced.


  1. "I did that once," he said, "all smoked up on weed." - THAT is one contractor you DON'T want to hire!

    the dump will lie under oath cause he's a lying liar!

    1. I read in Bloomberg where the Idiot is terrible in hearings because he's always totally unprepared.