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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Torch This

Well, it Wednesday morning and also a free weight morning, 18 (F) is too cold for me to jump into my car wearing my sweats and drive over to Planet Fitness, so it's dumbbells, and squats, and medicine ball crunches for me.
Evidently there was a dumbbell on TV last night... wait, that's being too kind.  The Idiot Jerk spit out farts and turds his Idiot supporters scraped onto their plates.  At one point Pelosi had to shush some booing from the Center.  Melanoma was there but evidently the Porn Star and her Forbes magazine weren't... now wouldn't that have been a hoot?  Anyway, I guess he touted the economy, and how it's surged.  Interestingly enough, 50% of the country give credit to Obama for the economy... Oops.
If an article in Bloomberg yesterday on McDonald's and labor costs is an indicator, fast food prices have already begun to increase.  The Dollar Meal may be back but don't expect it to be value packed.
Oh, and am I the only one to notice how gasoline prices are increasing?  I paid $2.85 for a gallon of regular yesterday.  Rising gas prices are not a good sign for the economy.  What good is that great tax cut we're all getting if we need to spend it on rising fuel costs?  But then again, maybe that was the plan.
I also got a call from the "big" director of my Mom's senior living facility - thanks to a conversation I had with him, her monthly cost is only going up around $500.  It seems as though he is the one who actually decides what charges get applied to which residents.  Oh, and he is big, at least 350 lbs - maybe I should bribe him with a couple of Twinkies, or a McDonald's gift card that's going to be less in 3 months than it is today.
Speaking of gas, well, there are all types of gases out there, some that are actually lighter than air,  some that smell bad (like Big Seig's farts), some that are lethal, and then there are those that are flammable... and then, of course, we have those that are a combination of the two, like methane.  Never light a match around methane.  What a shame no one lighted a match last night during the State of the Union... we might have gotten to see something like this.


  1. arteejee & I didn't watch. mostly lies and total bullshit anyway.