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Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Well, here it is Wednesday and I'm halfway through my Leave of Absence... let me tell you, I'm not exactly looking forward to going back to work next week.
And yes, I did go see "Justice League" last evening - it wasn't baaaaad.  Ezra Miller definitely stole the show.  Gail Godot showed up and had a cocktail with Ben Affleck (I was wondering if they'd show him sucking down alcohol), and Jason Momoa took off his shirt and swam with the fish.  Ray Fisher was good as Cyborg, what a shame he's saddled down with a clunky cyborg suit.  The only thing that was really baaaaaad was AMC Theater's Premier policy.  You have to pay extra for a Premier membership (I didn't) and that gives you head of the line privileges at the concession stand.  Last night admission tickets were being sold at the.... you guessed it, concession stand which meant Premier Members could skip to the head of the line even if they weren't buying a snack or beverage.  By the time we got our tickets the line of non-Premier Members stretched back 50 feet to the shuttered Box Office, through a set of double doors, and out through the lobby.  Because there are 'family films' showing, there were adults with young children in that line, and they stood and watched while adult Premier Members jumped ahead of them.  This is horrendous customer service, so this AM I sent AMC a rather salty complaint, no language, mind you, just specifics on how big of a failure this policy is.
Oh, and the Idiot Jerk in the White House is supporting Roy Moore... was anybody surprised?  Not really, his desperation stinks worse than a bad mother's soured milk.
And another non-surprise was his administration's attempt to end net neutrality...  This is all about corporate greed, about Internet Providers being able to charge you as much as they want in order for you to watch, and read, and research what ever you want.  Of course Republicans have always been corporate puppets to this really should have been expected.
 Anyway, this morning I hung the last of the decorative mirrors I've been making, and of course I felt I should share.  The walls are going to be painted something called Juniper Berry, once I can move furniture which will make the tiles pop.  You also get to see a reflection of Big Seig as he gazes through the window, reflecting on the world at large...

Mirror, mirror on the wall.