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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Is Roy Moore a Pederast?

Well, it's Veteran's Day and I, as a Vietnam Veteran, have to work to get paid.  Shall we talk about a paradox when it comes to celebrating who I am and what I did?
Anyway, as Roy Moore enters the Center Ring, we all know the show is just getting started.  He represents that narrow minded band of Crazy Christian Conservatives who hate everything that doesn't worship the ground they walk on.  As I said in a comment to Rozzie, he has no clue that this is the Karma (or Divine Retribution) he, himself has earned.  For years he has played God, using his far right, Crazy Christian beliefs to dole out justice.  I think everybody know by now that Roy is an Old Testament kind of guy; he loves the Ten Commandments, especially since there is none that says "Thou Shalt Not Lie Down With Children."  Back then people had no problem with Child Brides, but back then people were lucky if they lived into their 30's, especially women who were expected to make lots of babies.  An Op-Ed in the LA Times this morning hints that this may be the tip of the iceberg for Evangelicals.  Lying down with a 14 year old (whether male or female) and put that child's hand on your penis is no doubt part of the clinical definition of pederast.  The fact that he claims it never happened means... well, nothing.  With 4 other women claiming he 'hit' on them, one can only surmise this was standard operating procedure for him - if it was part of his SOP he wouldn't remember it since nothing memorable happened.  And, of course, the GOP has no idea how to handle this cluster fuck.  This is their End of Days.
Oh, and I saw that both Paul Ryan and Mitch McTurtle have both retracted statements regarding the GOP tax overhaul.  Evidently not everybody is going to get a tax cut.  Holy Crap! (like that's a surprise).  There are those in the Middle Class who might actually see their taxes go up.  Hhhmmm, this is not a good thing.
And did anybody see the pics of the 'informal' meeting between the Idiot Jerk in the White House and his BroMo buddy Vlad?  Since it wasn't 'official' they could pleasure each other without restraints... well, I don't know if that's true.  Vlad just be a 'handcuff' kind of guy.
To end on a bit of lighthearted note - my Mom's Hospice social worker called to tell me my Mom's getting married in 2 weeks... John, who lives in the other building.  Not that we would have a problem if she met someone... real, however there is no other building.


  1. weird (on your mom's part).

    moore claims he never met the women in question. riiiiight. pervert!

    1. My Mom has a very... tenuous grasp on reality.

      And of course Moore doesn't remember them... they were too unimportant.