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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Rumor has it

Well, here it is Tuesday, my first day off.  I'm going to go see Thor tonight, that should be fun, and sometime today I'm going to need to go to the supermarket to buy a big bag of dog food... and I mean a big bag!
I went in to Zillo today to see what my house was worth... not bad, up $40K over my purchase price.  The plan has always been to sell when the dogs are gone, but then, I might end up getting another dog; three of them, wow, that would be great.  If I do get a 3rd it'll have to be soon, before Lily gets too old - it's not a good thing when old dogs need to deal with puppies.
This afternoon I'm also going to be signing the paperwork for my Mom to go into Hospice... this does not mean things have taken a turn for the worse since her doctors have been wanting us to get her into a program for months.  We are not anticipating the end of her life anytime soon.  However, from this afternoon forward, her Senior Living facility will need to call Hospice prior to calling 911, which is a problem.  Greenfield is far more concerned about their liability than they are her health so every time she's a little nauseated, or has a little shortness of breath, they have the EMT's transport her to the hospital.  For that 'non-life threatening ride there is a $900 charge.  That will stop.
And here's a little cheery rose bud tidbit of news, Betsy DeVos is... sort of expected... to step down.  Even Breitbart is whispering about this.  You see Betsy is a Rich. Bitch. who wants things Her. Way. and that doesn't appear to be happening.  Let's talk about slapping a billionaire bimbo in the face, shall we?  I can't even imagine how galling that must be for someone with such an expensive personality.  In spite of her tailor made suits and form fitting hairdo, she gets little to no respect.  Perhaps it was her grizzly bear comment, or maybe people just realize she's wacked out in the head, but for what ever reason she is not well liked.  This must be truly frustrating for her since I'm sure she believes that the small-minded deity she worships chose her specifically for this job.  Ooopps.  Of course, it could also be that just like the Idiot Jerk in the White House, she doesn't deal with criticism well.  But then, too, she might also believe that she's... well... too good for the position, that what she really did when she accepted the job offer was to step down from her pedestal.  What ever.  Rumor has it her days are numbered.

Well, it's time for me to go get that big bag of dog food.


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  2. Damn spelling ... I'd love to see DeVos step down ... into prison for crimes against humanity.

    1. And of course she'll blame the 'little' people because they just didn't appreciate her.

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    1. How about hyenas instead? That magical song of crunching bones and laughter?