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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Map This

So, yesterday was Back Friday.  I did go shopping in the afternoon... for mousetraps, and bought 2... and they work.
I never buy anything on Black Friday (except for utilitarian devices like mousetraps) since I know most of those 'special' deals are crap; TV's made specifically for Black Friday with inferior parts, which is why they're so... cheap.  And it's not just televisions.  We bring in ton's of 'special' merchandise designed for the 'impulse' shopper, the non-thinkers who are more interested in cheap rather than quality, those who fail to understand that inexpensive does not now, nor ever will, translate into a high caliber purchase, that these 'deals' are manufactured to last... oh... maybe a year if you're very lucky.
The dogs had their Christmas presents ordered yesterday - surprisingly 4 are repeats of the presents they got last year simply because of their durability; three of them still have squeakers that work, and one still rattles.  One that's not on the list is the muskrat with replaceable squeakers since Big Seig figured out how to get the squeakers out.
Yesterday, while I was picking up the mousetraps, I talked to a friend who'd had an inguinal hernia repaired about a year and a half ago.  When I told him I could feel the mesh he nodded, smiled, and said "yes."  When I talked to another friend, Mark, he reminded me that "they stapled that mesh in at the right side of you nut sack and went east," which is pretty accurate. 

To be more precise, the mesh starts in the southwest and moves upwards, northeast, which is the only direction it can move.
And this morning I saw this about the Far Right, and how they're furious as hell about Mueller and his probing at their lies and deceit.  For years they've been peddling their falsehoods, pushing their inaccuracies, attempting to set the nation's compass towards the land of Crazy Conservative, and no one held them accountable.  I don't know why Centrists and Liberals, Democrats and Independents, thought taking the high road was the best possible choice.  It wasn't. For years the crazies have been mapping out a crazy course for this country and we have, for the most part, sat silent.  Back when the Idiot Jerk in the White House was spitting out his 'birther' red meat, all Obama did was quietly release his birth certificate; he took the high road.  What he really needed to do was take the Middle Road and call the Idiot Jerk out, he should have set a course away from the land of delusions.  Now these people are pissed because they know that soon they'll be called liars to their faces.  Good.  They hate that Mueller is leading the country out of the wilderness they, themselves, so comfortably control. Good.  They are losing control of the map they've manipulated for years.


  1. but but but the GOPricks don't wanna go to jail for treason!

    1. What they don't understand is that if the Idiot fires Mueller everything will not disappear, rather everything will exploded sending GOP body parts flying.