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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Tour de France in every room

Every year I look forward to watching the Tour de France.  This year I thought I'd be smart and buy a subscription to Cycling TV since they seem to stream just about everything there is on racing.  Well, they do, but not live.  Everything is highlights.  This isn't bad in that I get to see a lot of cyclists in a lot of races; some will go far, for others the smaller teams are the best they'll ever get.  For these cyclists there must be some consolation in knowing their endeavors are not totally unappreciated.
However, I did think that purchasing a subscription would alleviate my need to purchase the NBC Sports App, which streams the TDF live.  This is not the case.  So, this morning I diligently pulled out the Amex and charged.  Actually, I'm paying for 15 races so it's not that bad.  And since I tend to be a bit of a computer geek (2 laptops, 2 tablets, one of which I no longer use, and the super fast gaming computer) I can pretty much watch from any room in the house.

And with the newest tablet I can watch the race from anywhere.
There is something great about the Tour de France, especially since that shit head Armstrong got booted out.  And, just in case anybody is interested, I'm a Cannondale man.  Love that green! and argyle.

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