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Friday, July 8, 2016

Going Rotary

I own a very nice Toro lawn mower, self-propelled as most are these days.  It's big and heavy.  Most of my yard is fenced in and, thanks to the dogs, much of that is what I call the veranda: pavers and grass, very nice.  In front of the fence is my 'front yard' which is 50' x 25', some which is sidewalk.  This morning I mowed the small amount of grass in the back yard, however, when I got to the front yard the mower just wouldn't start.  The tank was full of gas, the engine just wouldn't turn over.  Shit.  And then I stood there and surveyed this great lawn of mine and wondered if I really needed such a large mower.  Wouldn't a rotary mower do the same thing? I asked myself.  Of course, I answered myself with the affirmative.  The dogs have worn away sections of the back yard, areas without pavers, and every time I get the power mower near them I create dust storms.  That's not going to happen with a rotary.  I'll get more exercise.  So I came in and ordered myself a Fiskar.

I figure it will add about 10 minutes on to my mowing time and probably burn about 200 calories  more then the Toro.  Now I know there are people saying "Hey, you work for a major home improvement store, you should have got one there."  The truth is Amazon has a much wider selection, and, as a Prime Member I get free shipping.  This baby will be here Tuesday.  As for the old mower?  Well, I'll probably give it to my neighbor.  He used it to mow my lawn for me last year when I couldn't walk, and loved it.  Of course, he's overweight and unmotivated.  


  1. When we bought Casa Bob y Carlos, Carlos, who grew up in Mexico City and never had a lawn, suggested a rotary mower.
    I suggested he 'Shut up.' And I told him we'd need a riding mower.
    But he borrowed a rotary from a neighbor and after that first lawn cutting taking a few hours--we have a hair over an acre--he knew I was right.
    Now we ride!