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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

But does he take off his shirt?

Well, I went to see Independence Day, Resurgence last evening and... it really wasn't that bad, for the most part.  You do need to park your brain in the lobby otherwise you begin to ask questions like "why would a supersize alien ship plow up the surface of the moon?"  And that's not really a spoiler if you're wondering.  Speaking of that alien ship, someone needs to tell Wright and Woods (the writers) and Emmerich (the director) sometimes bigger is not better.  You can only wonder if they might have size issues because this baby stretches from Paris to Washington, and it lands....
A lot of time is wasted introducing the new characters.  Nobody really cares about the backstory of the Helmsworth / Usher angst.  Everybody is waiting for the old characters to show up, in fact, they are the ones who actually carry the story, and of them, Brent Spiner steals the show with his 'see through' underwear and original characterization.
There's an alien queen, too, who looks a little too much like the alien queen in... well "Aliens," in fact, during the last great Boss sequence I kept expecting Sigourney to show up shouting "Stay away from her, you bitch!"
And I'd like to say you ignore all of the flaws because this film does have that pretty boy Liam.

I'm so pretty
That's not true, because as your sitting there in your seat you realize this is really nothing more than a glorified 'B' movie... a very expensive 'B' movie, but still a 'B' movie none the less.  If you go see Independence Day, Resurgence you're going to get acceptable acting,  poorly written (sometimes campy) dialogue, and a cheesy plot which seems to have been cribbed from many, many other movies.  And my one really big disappoint was in Liam.  Can you believe it?  He never took off his shirt!


  1. WHY is that guy dating sleazy miley cyrus? and yes, he IS pretty!

  2. Gimmie chris pratt anyday!

    Brent spiner was excellent and his scenes with the other doctor ( who aged badly from theoriginal) were rather moving

    1. Agreed with Chris Pratt and you're right about the doctors, the scarf that was supposed to be a sweater, very nice touch.