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Friday, April 12, 2024

The Body in Motion

Now available for Kindle and as a paperback on Amazon.  Next week the eBook will be available for the Nook at Barnes & Noble.  Do I stick it to Social Media?  Yes.

While being nominated for a Motion Award was not as prestigious as getting nominated for a Webby, Eli and Max were both delighted the little blog their associate Bobby Tussel had started for them was being recognized.  Now they had a reason for spending some time in New York City and had planned on sticking around after the ceremony to take in the sights and see a couple of shows.  Of course, those plans went all to hell after a body turns up and they find themselves in a social media maelstrom, as bloggers, vloggers, and YouTube influencers all try to get in on the action.  Everyone seems to be demanding a piece of the investigative pie, as they put together clues to solve the mystery of The Body in Motion.