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Thursday, April 25, 2024

Fake News

 Well, it's a partly cloudy Thursday morning.  Temps are in the mid 40s (F) here, with a predicted high in the mid 60s (F).  Supposedly we're in for a quick cool down, followed by a mini-scorcher during which our high temp will top off at 90 (F).  I guess it's time to prep for an air-conditioned summer.  Will this summer be as cool as last?  If the trend continues that will probably be the case.

Yesterday was so boring at work.  Today is going to be more so.  We are fully staffed... on a Thursday.  We need to be fully staffed over the weekend, unfortunately we have associates in the department who don't like working either Saturday or Sunday, so they call off.  And calling off is soooo easy now.  There was a time when you actually had to speak to a manager who might give you attitude.  Those days are gone.  Now you can call off, or let the store know you're going to be late by using an app we're all forced to use.  You no longer have to talk to anybody, not that talking to a manager was much of a deterrence.  The app just makes calling off soooo much easier.  Sadly, no one's going to call off today, though I was already by one of the specialists that he's not going to make it in on Saturday.

Pretty much everything is set to go for my trip to Greece.  Now, all I have to do is wait 5 months.

And, of course, thanks to David Pecker's testimony in Trump's Campaign Interference trial, we all know that headlines such as these emblazoned across the national Enquirer were all lies.

It's been said many times before and will continue to be said, that everything accusation from Trump and the Republican party is nothing more than a projection.  They have already, or are still committing the crimes.  The lies and deceits they blame on everyone else are merely a reflection of their own crimes and misdemeanors.  They want to exclude themselves from rules, and regulations, and laws they are constantly claiming others are breaking.  The fact that their cultist base knows, understands, and accepts this should be a wake-up call for all normal Americans.  

One thing I find funny are the polls.  In 2016 polls showed Hillary with a large lead, and she lost because Democratic voters stayed home because they thought she was going to win.  And here we are in 2024 and the polls are doing the same thing, this time many of them have Trump in the lead.  And Republicans are happy with these polls.  Am I the only one who sees their mistake?


  1. I sure hope that Trump in the lead is a mistake. I cannot believe that he could even possible be in the lead.

  2. Pecker's testimony was gold.
    Of course EVERYTHING The Fartfather says is proyection: they rigged the election with Hillary and tried to do the same with Uncle Joe. Cheeto may be in deep shit. Good.
    And I don't really look at polls (like you advised me to do) but yeah, that 'dead heat' between the candidates seem to be bullshit, but hey...


    1. It was even more golden today, Sarah Huckabee Sanders was evidently in on the steal.

  3. I pay little attention to polls because who was pooled? When? Where? How?
    Too many variables.

    1. Me, too. This is just a replay of 2016 in reverse.