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Sunday, April 14, 2024

A Plague of Locusts

 It's 42 (F) outside.  The early morning skies are somewhat overcast.  If the weather forecasters are correct, they will give way to partial sunshine and the temps will zoom up into the high 70s (F).  That would make for a really nice day, how sad that I have to work. 

Luckily I'll be sitting at the flooring desk, rather than outside loading mulch in people's cars.  And yes, mulch season has arrived.  That time of year when customers line up to buy bags of (mostly) organic material to spread around their flower beds in order to gain optimal curb appeal.  I can only remember using it one time, and that time it ended up getting spread far beyond the the flower beds by squirrels who can never remember just where it they've buried their nuts.

And for those of you who don't know, there is a plague of locusts coming our way... well, that's not precisely correct.  This summer, two groups of cicadas are going to be hatching.  From what they're saying, they being those who know about cicadas, the numbers will be in the billions.  Two different brood groups will be making their appearance at the same time.  There will, literally, be a plague of locusts.  This summer is going to be special... but not for everybody.  When I first heard about this insect event, I thought it was going to be all over since we have locusts here in Central PA.  Wrong.  It seems that most of this pseudo-religious event will be happening in none other than the Red conservatives states.  I honestly had to laugh when I saw which states are going to be effected the most.

And barely an hour goes by with out the Orange Anus  spitting out something vile on his Truth Social account.  Everybody does know what Truth Social is, don't they?  That Trump owned Social Media platform that went public, so people could invest in Donald?  Of course, it's failing because everything Trump touches dies.  Truth Social was supposed to earn him billions.  (Can you hear me laughing?)  The stock was way overpriced, initially at $70 a share, though the bottom fell out fairly fast and it's now trading at around $29 a share.  Ouch.  A lot of cultists are losing money.  Good.  Everything about this man is a lie.  The "Art of the Deal," was a lie.  Truth Social is anything but true.  The cultists will never understand.  For that to happen they would have to not only think, but reason as well.


  1. You hitch your wagon to a con man who has never cared about anyone but himself, you're going to get screwed.
    And I'll be laughing.

  2. I was working in DC and very heavily pregnant when a plague of locusts arrived. I tell ya, having one of those ruddy things land on your shoulder and hopping about while eight months pregnant is not a pretty look. Bloody awful things. I hope they don't do much damage to crops though!

    1. We get them here quite often, and all I can remember is that they're loud.