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Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Millions of Voices

 The big storm has arrived.  Temps will stay between 45 (F) and 49(F) until further notice.  Rain will be steady, though, as they're not predicting, on and off, which doesn't really make sense, but then we are talking about the weather.  No matter which computer program you run the information through, there are always variations.  The European models tend to be more accurate than the American models, at least as far as hurricane prediction, though this is not a hurricane, just one damn big rain storm.

Work was boring yesterday.  Monday's usually are.  I had some sales.  One of my flooring customers is going to be coming in to purchase, but she didn't do it yesterday.  That's about a $5000 sale.  Management will be impressed.  I also did something this morning that I thought I'd never do, I opened up my hours just a wee bit.  I'm now available to work Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.  That doesn't mean they will schedule me, but it does give me a few more hours a week.  It is so quiet here at the house since Lily's gone, so this will help me to fill in those silent hours.

Another thing I did, was to send David, my narrator, an email putting off the audiobook until I get back from Greece.  There are things I should have done prior to publishing The Body Under Ice as an audiobook, one being to listen to other narrators in other audiobooks.  Simply hiring a narrator from an audition recording without educating yourself is not necessarily a mistake, but it does limit your options.  This doesn't mean I'm changing narrators.  Let's just say I'm opening up the field.  There are a million voices out there, who's to say I won't find one that I feel more defines the characters of Eli and Max. 

There are also other things I feel need to be prioritized, like getting The Body in Motion published, and, probably most important, start the actual writing process for The Body in History.  

And, sticking to my usual practice, here is an artwork tease.  I just love doing these.

And, of course, the Moral Degenerate came up with a $174 million bond to keep the New York Attorney General from taking his properties.  He's going to lose his appeal and someone's going to lose their money.  

His Truth Social stock collapsed yesterday after investors were told that it lost $58 million last year.  Since we all know he's a thief, we can only wonder how much of that loss went to paying his legal expenses.

The Trump campaign team is also hinting at there being campaign events in the approaching days.  That might not be true, but then they, like their soiled diaper of a master, are pathological liars.  Whispers abound that he is so utterly consumed by his approaching hush money/porno trial that his handlers have serious concerns about him making it through an event without sounding like a blithering idiot spouting out a nonsensical word salad.  Is it likely that as he trial date gets closer and closer he will become more unhinged?  Well, we can only hope.


  1. All I know is that this weather makes me very drowsy.

  2. Hair Furor is not having a good time.

    1. Which means a jolly good time is had by so many others!

  3. I think you're wise to look around for your ideal narrator. I remember the first audiobook I listened too - I couldn't get over the feeling that she sounded like AI and it was very off-putting!

    1. Listening to auditions is... interesting. Some of them are great, others cringeworthy.