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Sunday, November 19, 2023

Safety Net

 Okay, so it's Sunday. Temps are going to soar into the mid 60s (F).  There is absolutely no precipitation in the forecast for the next a2 weeks.  That can change.  We all know how wishy-washy the weather can be.  

Yesterday was extremely slow at the store.  Not that there weren't the occasional customer, they just weren't interested.  I had to talk to a manager from another store because the major software update the orange retailer rolled has lots of bugs that are need of being fixed.  There is also the problem that this new software system was thrust upon thousands of specialists who received no training.  

And, of course, this week is Black Friday.  Our aisles are jammed packed with clutter, a mish-mash of name brand (Milwaukee, Ryobi, DeWalt) tools that are usually not available for sale because they are made for one day only... Black Friday.  This doesn't mean that because they're cheap they're not going to last, but that possibility does exist.

The one bright spot yesterday was I gave away my old TV!  One of our student associates is home for the holiday and when I mentioned that I was getting rid of my Sony Bravada, his eyes lit up.  Because I had planned on dropping it off at the recycling center on Wednesday and didn't, it was in the back of my car.  He's happy, and it saved me the $40 I was going to have to pay at the recycling center, getting rid of flat screen TVs is not that easy.

Back when I was in the Navy, during down times when we weren't launching jets, the flight deck was most ours to do with what we wanted.  Some men worked on their tans.  Not me.  There was no way you'd have gotten me out into one of the wire safety nets.

This week's going to be slow politically.  The Republicans of the House chose to all go home rather than do anything constructive, a word they really don't understand.

Of course, some idiot judge took off Trump's gag order, and the Spawn of Satan began spewing out loathsome hate, towards the judge and his law clerk in the New York Trial.  From what people are saying, Trump does this in hopes of inciting the judge to say something the legal team for the Orange Anus can use to shriek for a mistrial.  I doubt very much if that's going to happen.  Erogan, and his clerk, are just going to sit back and when the time comes, drop Trump's ass into a deep fryer that will cook away all of his assets in seconds.



  1. The Inmate gave a big long speech yesterday about the Pee Tapes. Yes, he did. He wanted the crowd to know that Melanie did not believe THAT story.

    1. Nice article in today's NYT about how is rallies are pretty much in the gutter.

  2. I'll go there, I 'll be glad when the fat toad croaks. I'm SOOOOOOOO tried of him and hearing about him. Cut the head of the snake and the gop will really crumple then.

    1. Please, don't insult fat toads, he makes them look truly genteel

  3. Love that picture on the aircraft carrier. That's definitely not a 9 to 5 job, is it!