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Friday, November 3, 2023

Now and Then

 Another late entry, not because I slept in, rather I rose and shone at the same hour, it's just that this morning I drove down to the Lebanon VA to get vaccinated, both Flu and Covid.  Some people have reactions, occasionally my arm has gotten sore, but normally my white cells do their job quietly.  That doesn't mean I'm not going to take a nap this afternoon.  

During my ride down I discovered that Lebanon is colder than Harrisburg by a few degrees.  When I left the temp outside was 31 (F), however, as I was driving down 934 between the cornfields waiting to be harvested in Lebanon Country, the temp was 29 (F).  There was actual frost on the fields, not just some glaze on my windshield.  That means that the frost is finally on the pumpkin.

What's on the chore menu for today?  Well, as if you needed to ask, painting the cabinet frames.  I also want to clean and paint the cabinet doors.  New, white hinges are arriving today to go with the white cabinets.  Once the doors are cleaned and primed I can rehang them on the freshly painted cabinets.

I'm also going to sign up for my dental insurance so I can get my teeth cleaned.  I don't really need any dental work done other than a good cleaning, but my dentist is picky about the insurance he takes.  And in case you were wondering, dental is the one thing that I know of that the VA doesn't cover.  Because of this, I've decided to alternate: one year I'll get insurance and have my teeth professionally cleaned, and then I'll skip a year.  

And for those of you who didn't get a chance to listen to the new Beatles song, here it is.  I warned my sister to grab her hanky.

And that daffy Mikey Johnson sent a budget to the Senate that was dead on arrival.  Either he's not a quick learner, or he and his hardline conservative buddies in the House will force a government shutdown in an attempt to force their agenda.  They don't seem to understand that at the polling booth that is going to hurt them more than it helps them, but then no one ever said Conservatives were smart.  Selfish?  Yes.  Smart?  No.  

There's also some sort of odd stuff flying around that he doesn't claim any income and that he doesn't appear to have a bank account.  Ouch.  If that's true, there's something seriously wrong since as a congressman, he needs to have an account in order to get paid.  No paper checks for Mikey.



  1. That no bank account stuff screams shady dealings.
    That dinosaurs and man walked the Earth together 6,000 years ago when God made everything screams lunacy.

    1. Agreed with that 6000 year crap, I mean, if that were true we'd have seen at least one hieroglyph by now.

  2. In this day and age how can you NOT have a bank account! Very shady indeed!

    1. And supposedly he's reporting no assets as if he didn't own his home. Shady indeed.