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Monday, August 28, 2023


 The weather yesterday was nice, comfortable temperatures, a light breeze and sun that was on and off.  Today looks to be a replay of the same, though the chance of showers increases to 40%.  Either way it will be nice.

I got the estimate for the electrical work and it's around what I was expecting.  I must have become more astute to contractors and their pricing.  I emailed Radle with 2 small changes.  I also sent an email to Lindsey, the woman who drywalled the holes in my ceiling.  I have work for her, some drywalling, the installation of cabinets and prepping for the new sink  and dishwasher.  Ibn fact, Lindsey just returned my email - we'll be talking this evening.  For the sink, I'm going to go with a double sink work station.  Nice, eh?  Though mine will be a drop-in, not an undermount.

And Ronnie DeSantis went down to Jacksonville to try and make some political points regarding the hate crime, 3 black people getting shot by a white man wearing a mask, and Ronnie got booed badly.  For those who don't know, Ronnie signed legislation allowing residents of Florida to carry a concealed gun without needing a permit to do so.  Ronnie is also the moron who said "Florida is the state where Woke goes to die."  Ronnie also let the good people of Florida know that he will pause his campaign while Hurricane Idalia tears through the middle of the state.  Someone should tell Ronnie he will never be president.

Also, today's the day when a judge will set the date for one of Trump's first trial for the Atlanta charges.  Prepare yourselves!  He and the MAGA  Republicans will be shrieking from here to high heaven.


  1. If Ronnie is still Governor after this election, I'm not so sure he's even going to get reelected as a governor in Florida at this point.

    1. Ronnie, like most Republicans, refuses to understand how badly he's failing.

  2. Ohhh love that kind of sink!
    And you just know that Meatball Ron will keep on trying. His hope is that Jabba the Orange will go to jail and overwhelmed by his crimes being brought to justice. He'll never be president, though. He's fucked it up so badly that he's trash right now.
    As for the MAGAts, the sweetest tears...


    1. See, I kept telling people this was going to be entertaining.