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Saturday, August 26, 2023

Fly Away

 Well, the weekend has arrived and it's a bit muggy outside.  The last time I checked, the temp was 73 (F) which might indicate this afternoon's temps might be in the mid 90s (F), however they're forecasted to be in the low to mid 80s (F).  We shall see.

I do work today.  Halloween displays should be dropping into the store on Monday, but they've already have boxed 6 foot skeletons in the main aisle.  

So, I signed up for Hulu to watch Only Murders in the Building.  The first season was okay.  I figured out "who dunnit" the instant the character appeared.  Logic, you know.  Who is the most logical person to commit a murder, not the most suspicious, though I do like playing around with suspiciousness.  Last evening I began Season 2 and got a really pleasant surprise: one of the guest starts turned out to be 89 year-old Shirley MacLaine.  What a joy to see her still acting, and being funny! 

The clam in the big tank isn't working for me.  It doesn't open until it fills with air and then the top lifts and these large bubbles escape.  I prefer the smaller bubbles of an air stone, so I will probably replace it with something I like.  The 2nd statue is in place and the live plants are beginning to spread across the gravel, and yes, the statues are all Greek gods, and they're all naked.

And I don't know if anyone else saw this blurb in all the trashy Trump talk, but on August 4 he transferred ownership of Mar a Lago to a company owned by Donny Jr.  I soon as I saw that I went "woah, this is serious."  Anybody else out there know why?  Since not everybody nodded, I'll tell you.  Should the Orange Anus choose to run, (fly-away Donny, fly away), the government could go after his assets (I'm betting Jack Smith would love that).  Now, Mar a Lago is no longer an asset for the Orange Anus.  I know that the Trump hotel in Washington is no longer one of his assets.  In fact, he's been divesting himself of properties since 2020, though his organization still manages some of them.  He is considered a flight risk.  Flying away to Moscow, or where ever, would through all of his fellow indictees under the bus, so to speak, since only a guilty man runs.  Would he be alone?  Somehow I doubt that.  Those that can't afford to go will end up in jail.


  1. And he won't try to help anyone that helped him with his lies so all those indicted coconspirators will get nothing from him.
    Perhaps NOW is the time to flip?

    1. Being part of his cult means they will never consider that until it's too late; he'll be sitting in Moscow and they'll be sitting in jail asking how he could betray them in such a manner.

  2. When I was a kid I read loads of Agatha Christie books and NEVER guessed whodunit. I'd be curious to be able to reread them again now (without already having read them of course) to see if I would guess correctly. That being said, I went on a Murder-Mystery evening not so long ago and was actually the only person who guessed who the murderer was! So proud! And Halloween decorations in August????? Yikes!

    1. When I was in the Navy I read I think I read every mystery Christie wrote and never once guessed the killer. I did learn a lesson though, make the murderer obvious, but make everyone else more obvious.