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Sunday, August 13, 2023

Shades of Neutrality

 Well, yesterday was another day passing and last evening another thunderstorm; the weather's like clockwork.  We're going to have a replay today... and tomorrow, though tomorrow the temps aren't going to hit 90 (F).  The highest temp yesterday was 91 (F) and I asked several customers "what's it like outside?"  The response was always the same.  HOT.  I'm sorry, 91 (F) is not hot.  100 (F) is hot.

Business was on and off.  I'm well over my sales plan and I've hit my measure goal.  Today will only be adding more to that if any sales go through, or I get another measure or two.  This has been a long week, over 29 hours.  The one good spot is that I'll be getting a really nice paycheck because we all know how I love to spend money.

There's an open house next door between 12 PM and 2 PM.  I'm so glad I will be at work.  According to Zillow, 330 people have looked at the house and 23  have saved it for future reference.  There  are 26 pictures and I have to admit that whoever staged it knows their stuff.  If you're a vanilla person who is desperately trying to live a life of pure neutrality, this is the house for you.  Here are a couple of pics..  We first start off with the bland living / dining room.  Ceiling fans are essential because there is no Central A/C.

The living room and dining room

Then we have the kitchen.  I do like the tile work.  That, and the marble counter top are selling points.  However, the brown you see under the cabinets is unfinished plywood because the were a cabinet kit and those pieces remain unfinished.  And, of course, the gray continues.

At one time this was an eat-in kitchen, not any more

And finally, here's a pic of the attic which has no electrical wall outlets and no heat.  It might make a nice TV room, but there's no place to plug in the TV, or a table lamp, or an A/C unit in the summer when the temps climb into the 100s (F).  And the gray continues.  That flooring, by the way, is the cheapest we sell and if the temp drops below 56 (F) in the winter is prone to cracking along the edges.

Because of the slope of the roof, headroom is limited

And finally, the Iowa State Fair is this weekend.  Trump showed up with his cult.  Matt Gaetz was recorded telling him that violence might be needed in Washington to take control of it.  And Pudding fingers DeSantis struck out badly.


  1. They did a great job staging that attic, and can't lie, I love the kitchen. When people come into the showroom it is amazing the color they seems EVERYONE wants cream taupe or gray. I like white or neutral walls, but like color in my furniture and accessories. More and more seems to be afraid of color. My advice to them is to start with a accent piece, or accent chair of color and go from there.

    1. I like color, though much in my kitchen will end up being white. The attic does look good, but again, there are no wall outlets and no heat for the winter. Without the attic there's no storage; unlike my house, their basement is mostly crawlspace.

  2. Wow that is grey isn't it! I would have thought maybe a few artificial flowers or pictures or something to liven it up just for a few hours!