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Sunday, August 6, 2023

Spock Sings

Hello, Sunday!  Today's probably going to be quiet.  Temps are supposed to climb into the upper 80s (F) with a 70% chance of rain... that means thunderstorms.  We had no rain at all yesterday, that's a bit unusual since this seems to be the summer of storms.

As one of my friends said yesterday regarding his department in the store, "it's very barren."  I don't know why, but when I think of barren I think of a wasteland.  Flooring was slow, except for an hour when I needed to design blinds for some customers.  At first, they chose a pale gray and white color called Misty for their faux wood blinds, then they saw the cost.  In the end they went with simple, inexpensive white.  The husband told me they'd have gone with the more expensive blinds, but they're closing on their new house on Thursday and the interest rate is 7%.  That's a lot if you're signing up for a $200,000 mortgage.

I was talking to Jon, the PT who's advising me on the The Body in Motion, about Kettlebell exercises.  He suggested I do lunges, and followed that up by saying if I started doing them I was going to end up being ripped.  I'm sure you can still hear me laughing at that one.

Star Trek Strange New World did a musical version this past week.  They ruptured some sort of anomaly that caused the crew to break into song.  At first I thought the episode was going to be terrible.  It wasn't.  In fact it was surprisingly good, tying up several loose ends that happened this past season.  The Klingons even show up briefly as a boy band.  This is the lyric sing-a-long version of the opening number.  I don't doubt that this will become a fan favorite right up there with The Trouble with Tribbles from the original Star Trek

As you might expect, the Republicans I work with are freaking out terribly... it's such fun.  I had a discussion with one yesterday afternoon and I truly had to struggle to keep from laughing at him.  Believe me, I am serious about this.  At one point I turned to another associate and smiled, saying "can you see how much fun I'm having."  

And on Tuesday there's going to be another plate of indictments served, at which point I expect Republicans to start setting their hair on fire and running around shrieking like banshees.  They should have cut their ties with Trump immediately after January 6, but instead they held on since he appeared to be only one who could glue the base together.  Well, they have their base, but it's just a base.  Independents are pealing off left and right because they know, should Trump ever get close to the White House again, America would be torn asunder.




  1. Well the pool party was fun and went off without a hitch. Mind you my friend's place is in york haven... so there were a few Republicans there but surprisingly almost everybody there was in the blue crowd. I did mention to one person about Trump getting indicted and how crooked he is and they commented back "What did he do". Thank heavens I had on my big oversized vintage sunglasses.

    1. I thought you knew, blue is a big color in the rainbow

  2. Yikes, that interest rate!!! When we first bought this house I can't remember what the interest rate was (but higher than now of course), but given that we were paying in Swiss francs on a house bought in euros we were subject to both interest rate and exchange rate fluctuations. Scary times - although to be honest, things always worked out well for us given that the Swissie has pretty much always been stable, thank god!

    1. I had a 4.5% interest rate, but then I got a low interest mortgage through the state.