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Thursday, August 3, 2023

Court Time

 Thursday... and I have to work.  There's a 40% chance of rain and we are, for all intents and purposes, mid-week, so I'm expecting our customer count to be really low.  Traditionally, this is also vacation season.  Families are supposed to be spending time together at the shore, or in the mountains, most of them wasting their hard earned dollars on things that are touristy in nature.

The angelfish that was sick, died yesterday, so now I'm down to two.  He lived a long times (3 years), and got to be quite large, 5.5 inches from the tip of his top fin to the tip of his bottom fin.  I'd say he probably had a fairly good life as far as fish go; they don't remember much.  By now, all the other fish in the tank have forgotten him.

Lily, too, is getting old.  She sleeps a lot. She'll be 10 years old in 2 weeks.  My aim is to spoil her for the rest of her years.  

After all of the hoopla of having The Body Under Ice getting turned into an audiobook, the bold email about it being available for distribution, I can't find it anywhere.  I've emailed Findaway Books since this is not what they advertised.  Their response was to start an internal inquiry.  If I don't hear back from them soon, I'll see if I can make it available on Audible.

And, of course, this is going to be a very popular place this afternoon.

Donnie J Trumpbag will be making an appearance here this afternoon.  He'll be getting fingerprinted and a mug shot will be taken.  He's desperately going to try and get a copy of that picture for his adorning fans.  In case you haven't noticed, his messaging has begun to change, he's now saying telling his cult that he's being persecuted for them.  His cultists love this shit.  They will send him more money which he will used for his defense fund.  He will use them to full extent of their stupidity.

And Mikey, I'm a rather spineless individual, Pence spoke out yesterday against Trump... for the first time.  A lot of people were commenting about that on social media, as if he'd actually grown a set of cojones.  Is this going to help him in his run for Republican nomination?  Not one bit.  He's spent 4 years kissing Trump's ass and then after Jan 6 demurely rejected any form of mild criticism.  Did this dunce truly believe Trump was going to let him ever be president?  Still, we need to remember that ever attack on Trump by a Republican, no matter how small the arrow, is still damaging.  The hard core cult will remain, but others will slowly peel themselves away.  Does this mean they're going to vote for Biden?  Nope, they're going to sit on their vote this elections cycle.


  1. Oh no! Poor fish. But yeah, I think their life span is not too long?
    As for Lily? Let the spoiling begin! And isn't Audible kinda cooler??
    In any case, Jabba the Orange is going to grift his way through all of this. It's his MO. And it's a page off the totalitarian handbook to tell his minions he's doing this 'for them'. Idiots.
    And The Devil's Butler did not grow a pair. Mother let him see his for ten minutes. They're in a glass jar in their dungeon.


    1. Audible is very cheap with royalty payments, it's bigger, though not necessarily better.

  2. I'm not really following what's going on in the US right now (we have enough going on over here) but I always thought there was something insipid about Pence and from the few interviews I've seen since he wants to run for President, he just confirms my feelings!