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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

A Fart in Space

So, I was digging in the dirt yesterday.  I am slowly removing all the bushes from in front of my porch, not that I have any idea what's going to be planted there, but it will be something that doesn't get too tall.  Besides being predatory, the Burning Bush grew way too tall, often blocking the view.  The wisteria, which had originally been planted created a different problem: it needed constant trimming.  

The weather yesterday was nice, again climbing into the mid 80s (F) with little humidity.  The same is in the forecast for today.  Tomorrow that's going to change.  Forecasters are calling for highs in the low to mid 90s (F).  When it gets that warm outside, my 2nd floor gets much hotter, so my Central Air is primed and ready to go.

I did file a dispute against the only charge on my debit card that wasn't removed, a $16.57 purchase made from Alien Gear Holsters.  When I talked to the agent handling the chargeback, she told me that was a popular one in that she'd seen that online retailer enough to remember it.  I searched it.  They sell holsters, most of them fairly expensive and I didn't want to waste the time trying to find out what $16.57 buys.

I saw that the NYT did a comparison test to see which olive oils were the best.  It turns out Bertolli, the one use, hit right in the middle.  Now, ain't that nice?

The House of Representatives is going to vote today on the package their moronic leader, Kev McCarthy, put together with the Biden White House.  Of course, the far right crazies are shrieking mad because they believe their small minority means they get to dictate... well, they're wrong.  I suspect it will get enough votes to squeak by and head to the Senate.

And some turd bird named Comer wants to file contempt charges against the FBI because they're ignoring the subpoenas the the far right has issued.  This is rather hysterical in light of the fact that these same Republicans ignored every subpoena the January 6 committee issued.  While this will excite their base, that's about all which will come of it.  They simply don't understand they have about as much power as a fart in space.


  1. I have an olive oil thing...I have upwards of 12 different ones. I have no idea why , but they all taste and add flavor different.

    We have a huge burning bush.... isolated by it's brilliant red in the fall!

  2. My BB was spreading out into the yard, so it had to go.

  3. Oh no!
    But I feel you. I was just reading that the burning bush and the wisteria are absolutely lovely but will take over the world if you let them. Pity!

    Love me some olive oil. The infused ones are delish. As for Kevin and the MAGAts, love to see the infighting. I'm sure Kevin licked some butts and will get the votes, otherwise he would have not signed the deal with Uncle Joe.
    And yes, Uncle Joe ate Kevin's lunch.


  4. Republicans CAN ignore subpoenas but no one else can.
    That's the GOP way.