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Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Defining DeSantis

 Well, shall we give Tuesday a hearty welcome?  The sun is shining.  Our temps are supposed to reach the upper 70s (F).  I can see yardwork in my future for later this afternoon.  That's fine.  I enjoy being outside.

Yesterday work was rather ho hum.  Nothing exciting.  I did have a rather large sale to a gent who didn't want any seams in his carpet.  He ended up getting just about everything he wanted because he was the one spending the money.  He couldn't go completely seamless because of the size of his rooms, however I did manage to have the seams located in places where there wouldn't be a problem with foot traffic.  Truthfully, in all the time I've been working as a flooring specialist, we have never had a complete about the seams, either showing up, or coming apart.  Still, people hear seam and they automatically want to think the worst.

Production should be starting either today or tomorrow on the audiobook.  Even though I had requested permission to use song lyrics from artists, I have never received a response with either a yes or no.  Because they would be performed, albeit in a spoken voice, I either removed them completely, or drastically altered them so as to be unrecognizable to avoid any form of copyright infringement claims.

Here's a picture of one of my slightly orange Itoh peonies and a bud that's going to open when this one fades.

For those of you who don't realize this yet, Ronnie DeSantis is the portrait of the perfect Republican.  No matter how much evidence is present to him show the error of his ways, he is never going to understand how wrong he is in just about everything.  His feud with Disney is one example.  He is under the misguided belief that at its very heart America is conservative.  In true Republican fashion, he will never accept the fact that he is wrong.  He has stepped in a pile of shit and instead of cleaning off his shoe, he keeps stomping it down deeper and deeper into that conservative shit patty.  He is now saying he wants more judges like Clarence Thomas and Alito.  Has he paid absolutely no attention to how a majority of Americans have been voting since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade?  Evidently not.  Without a doubt, he is the definition of Republican.


  1. Yeah, I think by announcing we need more Clarence's DeFascist just told over half the country to vote for someone else.

  2. Love that blossom!
    And you know Meatball Ron will never leave his tinfoil strongman position. It's the ONLY thing he's got going on. He's got no charisma, uniqueness, nerve OR talent.
    He's a Repug through and through.


  3. Someone should just give Ron DeSantis other cup of gravy to drink

  4. Audiobook? Awesome. Did you mention any of the songs you are using? Congrats again. Very cool. Republicans are just in an echo chamber and they are not seeing that there is a bigger audience out there. They didn't learn from the mid-terms. I guess that is why they want to raise the voting age. Enjoy the sunshine and the yard work.

    1. Republicans will never learn because that would mean they were wrong and that can't happen to them.