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Sunday, May 7, 2023

Sold Their Souls to the NRA

 Hello Sunday Morning.  I'd like to say the skies are clear and blue, though I can't because they are overcast... somewhat, meaning that there are breaks in them with the sun shines through.  Today and tomorrow are supposed to be nice, but showers are in the forecast for Tuesday.  

I checked the results of my bloodwork last evening, though didn't print them off.  My glucose is a bit high, but then it's always a bit high.  Everything else is ducky.  This means my doctor is going to tell me I'm borderline diabetic, after which I'll remind him that I'm borderline everything, so why not through diabetes into the mix.  

Lunch today is going to be salmon.  While I truly like the cheesy scalloped potatoes with ham, it is the sort of solid meal some people still enjoy.  For me to eat it 3 days in a row would be rather extreme.  I'd feel as though I had a spare tire hanging around my gut.  

Business was slow yesterday, except for the garden department.  We talking about our fiscal plan in flooring, wondering if there was a human being behind the process or if they simply left everything up to computers.  I suspect there's some peon who's told to press the button to initiate the process in order for blame to flow down hill.  

Here's a pic of my Itoh peony bushes.  This is the first year for the one to bloom.  It the one in the foreground of the picture.  I can't wait to take pictures of the yellow blooms.

And, of course, the coronation was yesterday.  I paid no attention, though this morning both the New York Times and The Washington Post, published several videos showing King Charles III looking very poufy in his white ermine cap and purply, jewel studded crown.  I, for one, would have no problem if the monarchy faded away entirely.

There was another mass shooting in Texas again.  Ten people dead, including the gunman.  The Guardian made a point on saying there have 198 mass shootings since the beginning of the year.  I don't know where they've all occurred, but I'm betting that a majority of them have been in Red States because the NRA pays Red State Republicans beaucoup buckos to vote pro-gun.  The shootings are only going to get worse.  For Republicans to change course on gun-control would mean they'd have to admit they'd sold their souls to the NRA.  That will never happen. 


  1. I won't discuss the mass shooting because it'd be a rehash of what I said about yesterday's shooting and the day before ... and the day before ... and the day before ... and the day before ... and the day before ...

    I will say that Prince Harry ruined the day for haters who loved that he wasn't included in the royal duties. One English paper even went so far as to call him disrespectful because he was smiling and chatting with his cousins.

    Oh, and one paper put up a photo of a woman, or maybe a man, with a large nose and really bad hair, and claimed it was Meghan Markle in disguise crashing the ceremony.

    1. Harry's pissing off a lot of the fanboy loyalists

  2. I didn't watch the coronation either. Couldn't be arsed, to be honest. I do wonder if they'll take my passport away though!

    1. It got big press over here which I don't understand.

  3. The sad part is their are a few Dems who also take NRA funds...which is why the dems should have backed the progressive candidates in certain states.

    As far as the monarchy...I don't see it going anywhere. But the purpose still questions me...

    1. The monarchy will hang around a bit longer, but then it will be gone.