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Saturday, May 20, 2023

Retail Fails

 Well, it's Saturday and we're not in a park, and it's not the Fourth of July... sounds like an old song to me, don't it?

Anyway, today is supposed to be overcast, or as forecasters say "cloudy."  Originally the prediction was for rain, but that's changed to sprinkles and occasional showers.  There is a small warning on the forecast advising us in Central PA that these showers will do nothing to alleviate the dry conditions we've been suffering with for the past... oh, two weeks or so.  When I think back on how frequently it rained in April and thought we were going to have a wet summer; how could I have been so wrong, well, at least for May.  We have no idea what the summer's going to be like.

I do get to go to work today.  I'm not expecting business to be booming.  Home improvement retail has not been good.  The giant orange retailer I work made news when it revised it's forecast down in a big way.  Like certain other businesses and corporations, the pandemic was actually financially lucrative for them, however now that we've moved into reality that's not quite pre-Covid, they're lost.  This is what happens when greed makes you shortsighted.

I watched Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves last evening.  It was quite enjoyable.  If you have Paramount + it's free which only added to the experience.  I have to admit, I did like the fat dragon.

And, of course, the debt ceiling talks are back on after the Republicans sort of walked out because... well, I supposed they thought that would be a dramatic exit which everybody would be talking about.  Didn't happen.  They looked bad.  This is a party that is so out of touch with the electorate and instead of reading the tea leaves, so to speak, they will continue to charge down a path leading to their own destruction.  

Rudy's attorney quit because he wasn't getting paid... business as usual.  

Does anyone know if Laura Ingraham  is still on Fox?  I saw somewhere that she was going to be shitcanned.  If it hasn't happened it will, then she can go work for Tucker.


  1. I know I'm naive but when you hear about all these rich people not paying their bills (attorneys?) I just shake my head. It would never occur to me to not pay someone - but then I suppose that's why I'll never be rich!

    1. I guess that's a serious side effect for those who feel privileged.

  2. Poor Eva Braun graham might need to peddle her special brand of racist illiterate lying rants somewhere else ... like a subway station?

    1. She might actually feel right at home in a subway station.