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Thursday, May 11, 2023

Volume 3

 Yesterday was a rush day.  The weather was nice, but I seemed to spend the entire day rushing from one place to another.  First down to Lebanon for my bi-annual physical, and yes, I've reached the age where they are done twice a year.  Then I zipped over to the orange retailer I work for because I broke a window and wanted a piece of plexiglass to fix it, then to the UPS Store for some disappointing news,

I also got an 11 mile ride in on the bike where I had some time to let my mind relax.

The broken window:  When it's breezy out, a light wind will pull my back door shut, prior to that happening, the sliding door between my kitchen and the enclosed back porch will close.  This happened on Tuesday, however the sliding door jammed on a throw rug and there was no way to open it.  I ended up forcing it open, which, unbeknownst to me, broke the base pin locking it in place.  Later, when I went to let the dogs out, I went to pull it open and it fell straight back crashing into one of the windows on the back porch.  Shit.  The glass is being replaced with plexiglass since that's cheaper than having someone cut a new pane of glass to fit the hole.

I went to see Guardian's of the Galaxy Vol 3 last evening.  Some parts were very good, others?  No spoilers here.  The Rocket backstory was amazing, the section where they land on Counter Earth no so amazing.  Every Guardian gets a moment so shine.  Chriss Pratt gets to drop the F Bomb, a first for a Marvel Movie.  The movie was very entertaining, but I have to say that I'm glad the series is coming to an end, at least for the foreseeable future.  

So, Trump had his little CNN Town Hall last evening and was as evil as everybody was expecting.  I'm sure CNN's ratings popped for a change, since that's the only reason the Town Hall was held. 

Oh, and George Santos was indicted yesterday.  He denied every charge.  What's so surprising about the entire thing was that Kevin McCarthy came out and said there was no way he could support George for re-election.  How's that for a stunning announcement.  Could it be that one of his advisors let him know that George was not an asset to the already failing Republican Party?  That's quite possible.


  1. To have that traitor on and let him rant and lie unchecked was disgusting. CNN needs to be ashamed of themselves.

    1. CNN is getting quite a lot of negative feedback. Like I said, I think Licht thought it would help their ratings in the long run without understanding just how bad it was going to hurt them

  2. Afraid I will have to wait until Guardians is on streaming. That preview looked like there may be some tears shed. And I am such a crybaby that watching at home will be required.

    1. There are a few moments when it gets a bit emotional