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Thursday, June 1, 2023

No Disappointment Here

 Hello June 1.  Welcome to Pride Month!

The mercury is going to be rising up into the low 90s today and tomorrow.  The A/C is quiet now, but I don't doubt later this afternoon it will be fired up.  

I've been dealing with an algae problem in the big tank.  The stuff grows on everything.  For a while I thought it was being caused by direct sunlight coming in through the big window, now, however I don't think that's the case, though it may be a contributing factor.  I also have algae growth in the living room tank where there's no direct sunlight.  So, I'm thinking it's probably the LED lighting.  An easy fix would be to toss in a couple of snails, but I have Tiger Barbs in the big tank and they eat snails.  This afternoon sometime, the barbs are getting moved to the living room tank where they can swim around with lots of other barbs.  That will leave only the angelfish in the big tank.  They don't eat snails.

Using my trusty old weed wacker, I did some real damage to the English ivy outside the fence yesterday.  Good.  I will get rid of it completely.

Because we've had no rain, there's no need to mow my brown lawn.  This usually doesn't happen until July and August.  Dryness came early this year.

I'm trying to grow garlic.  All I need to do is keep it watered.

And a bipartisan vote got the Debt Ceiling bill out of the House of Representatives and into the Senate.  Was anybody really worried?  I wasn't.  While nobody got everything they wanted, this is a good bill mostly because of certain things, one being that the next fight over the debt ceiling has been pushed back to 2025, meaning it can't be used during the election of 2024..  

Another important thing to remember about this legislation is that the far right crazies in the House suffered a serious defeat.  The "shut up, we're in charge," crowd lost in a big way.  That alone should warm the cockles of an Liberal cynic's heart.  Because the country is Centrist, the extremists on both sides of the aisle were terribly disappointed.


  1. That debt ceiling vote is a reminder to vote Blue every time, and not be beholden to a party that raises it every time their party is in the Oval and then suddenly finds it distasteful when a Democrat is in office.
    The hypocrisy and the lies are right there in front of our faces and if we don't vote for change, we'll never get it.

  2. I am so glad that you pointed out that there are, in fact, extremists on both sides of the aisle. I am a born, bred and deeply committed liberal but even to me, a Democrat, there are some Democrats in congress that need a good slap in the face now and then.

  3. Ohhh
    I also thought that algae was caused by too much direct sunlight? TMYK
    And I was a little worried for a hot minute about the debt ceiling, but then Uncle Joe ate Ken's lunch. For a feeble, demented old man he's very efficient as a politician. Conservatives cannot make up their minds: Joe is either beyond senility or Dark Brandon.
    I was surprised by all the Dems voting against raising the debt ceiling though... Maddie is furious with both parties, but the Repugs have never had policy. Well, they do want to end Social Security and Medicare/aid, though...


  4. I'll probably still do blue but I will be voting for all new Democrats in the primaries. I'm so tired of the same old s*** in DC from these parties. Some of them have been there way too long. To me it feels like same s*** different day.

    1. I agree with Maddie on this. The Democrats are long overdue for a major new blood revival