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Saturday, June 17, 2023

Saint Ronnie

 Greetings and salutations from Central Pennsylvania.   The weather is nice here.  Outside the temps are a comfortable 61 (F), just right for sleeping.  This afternoon, if the forecasters are correct, they'll climb into the middle 80s (F).  It would be a truly great day if I didn't have to work.  Sadly, this is Saturday, one of the days I'm always scheduled to work.

If anyone asks "How's business?" I'll probably reply "so, so," since we're no longer in lawn and garden season.  The curb appeal drawn starts slacking off after Memorial Day.  This doesn't mean that people aren't still going to be buying plants and garden veggies, they're just going to be fewer and fewer of them.  If you haven't got your veggies in the ground by now, it's a little late, unless you're one of those who want to plant a fully grown tomato plant that already has tomatoes on it.  Believe me, there are those who do that.

I ordered a small weight bench, it arrived yesterday.  I used to have a nice Weider bench but I gave it away since I'd thought I'd never use it again.  Well, I was wrong, and since I was wrong had to spend a small amount of my money.  This is how it goes.  I'd rather give things away and occasionally need to rebuy what was given then fill my house with clutter.  Believe me, I know individuals who never give anything or throw anything away.

And I know that this pic will have some of you scratching your heads.  To give you some sort of explanation, let's just that say that knots may play a part in my next book, The Body in Motion.

I just got a news flash that Arnie Schwarzenegger has said that Trump will never will the presidency.  No surprise there.  He goes on to say that while the Orange Anus is polling well among conservatives and that, apparently, is what the GOP looks at rather than the national picture, getting 33% of the vote will never win him the presidency.  Isn't this what I've been saying all along?  

Oh, and Ronnie DeSantis has gone on record as saying that were these Biblical times, he could have been one of the disciples.  Since he's a devout Catholic, at least that's what he says, and since every one of the disciples is a Saint in the Catholic Church, he's alluding to his belief that he should be recognized as Saint Ronnie.  Right, that must be why he was wearing those white boots. 


  1. Funny, cuz as far as I can tell, Jesus was way woke and Ron DeSaster would have nothing to do with that. And don't get me started on someone who thinks he could have been a disciple. Fuck him.

    1. Ronnie D will sink to the lowest depths possible out of desperation.