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Friday, June 23, 2023

Zuck vs Musk

 Well, here it is Friday and it hasn't stopped raining.  Well, not completely.  I guess if I were describe it, I'd say we were showery with occasional periods of steady rain.  It was so steady this morning Lily didn't want to go out.  Sooner or later her bladder will force her out into the rain.  I have a towel ready.  Honestly, she loves being dried off, so I'm surprised she's not going out more often.

Lets hope today is more productive than yesterday.  Not that yesterday was a waste, it just seemed as though every hour or so I felt the need to take a quick catnap.  I'm blaming it on the rain, the dizzles never seemed to let up.  It's not that I didn't get anything accomplished, I did:  a 52 minute dumbbell workout, and a fast walk on the treadmill.  However, the afternoon bike ride didn't happen.

As everyone knows by now, the little submersible imploded explosively.  Not everyone is sad.  A number of news outlets are reporting on the lack of sympathy many are directing towards these very wealthy individuals.  Some are calling it schadenfreude (enjoying the misfortune of others).  I don't doubt part of it is that the extremely wealthy are not well liked, and they really don't care if you like them or not.  The vast majority of humans on this planet are not even blips on their radar, so when something bad happens to five of them no one really feels sorry for them.

And speaking of the uber wealthy, I understand the cage match is going to take place.  What cage match, you ask, scratching you head.  The one between Zuck and Musk!  Evidently there are some really hard feelings between the two of them.  If I were a gambling man, and I'm not, I'd probably put my money on the skinny ginger rather than the bloated South African.

And, of course, the House of Representatives continues to unravel.  Really, everything those cultists are doing now is geared to trying to maintain a hold on their base voters.  Now they're trying to expunge the two impeachments against the Orange Anus.  This is what you would expect from a cult.  The small percentage of voters they are trying to please will never get them the presidency.  They did poorly in the last election, and they'll do even worse in the next one.  For them to understand that, would mean they understood the American people.  That's something that will never happen.  Which is why the party is dying.


  1. I’d rather see a cage match between the two female GOP howler monkeys. I read that Blobby Elon says he has a walrus move, in which he would fall on Zuck and smother him. Nice.

  2. The only fall out to this explosive submarine was that Bezos and musk didn't have seats on it. I didn't shut it here I'll be honest. These assholes think they're invincible and Immortal and they're not. Dumbasses. Besides that like I said it's a shipwreck at the bottom of the sea. What are we supposed to do pop a champagne cork? Whoopee.

  3. While I have no idea what it's like to be uber-wealthy (nor am I overly bothered or jealous), I have to admit I feel some sympathy for those in the sub. What a horrible way to die - I just hope it was quick!

    1. At that depth, the implosion would have happened in .0005 seconds, so it was instant.