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Friday, February 10, 2023

The White Trash Republican Party

 Well, it's Friday and the temp outside is 51 (F).  According to the forecast, we'll get a few degrees warmer.  We are in February.  Normally this past week would have been called a 'winter thaw,' but we've been too warm for anything to really freeze.  When the temps are cold, we count down the days until Spring, this year I suspect we will simply slide into our next season.

Yesterday, I used my drying rack for the first time.  The only thing I didn't like was the sock clips, though they're not really clips, so I just laid them out on the middle rack.  It worked well.  In fact, I was surprised at how quickly everything dried.  

I had to laugh when I heard that James Carville said that the Republican party is White Trash.  I don't know about you, but I realized that a long time ago.   The trashing of the party began with the Tea Party, and Newt Gingrich scooted it into the fast track.  Prior to that the party catered to intelligence, but then they realized there was an untapped source of votes in those who barely finished high school.  Power to the people, the party yelled and those people turned out to be easily manipulated.  They preferred red meat and didn't care if it had been rotting in the sun for quite some time.  And then John McCain chose Sarah Palin to be his running mate.  It's been downhill for the party ever since.

Of course, George Santos is being investigated by the Ethics committee the Republicans gutted.  This is a waste of time.  McCarthy needs Santos' vote, so he will stay.  Even though Santos makes the party look desperate, he will stay.  Santos is trash, and he is the face of the Republican party.

The same is true of Marjorie Taylor Greene.  If you watch her face as she's calling Biden a liar during his State of the Union speech, it's obvious she's having a grand old time.  She was enjoying herself.  White trash doesn't understand there is a time and place.  White trash simply doesn't care. 


  1. Hundreds of years ago my many time great grandparents came to the United States to seek a better life. However, they were indentured and poor and were treated worse, with less respect and in fact hated more than their darker skinned brothers and sisters. They were referred to as White Trash which was a catagory below even slaves. As a decendent of White Trash I am proud of my origins. Just some suggested reading...

    1. The difference between Carville's reference and your grandparents is that your grandparents strove to improve their condition in the face of serious odds. Marjorie Taylor Greene's trash strives to keep people ignorant because she finds them easier to control. There is not one universal definition for White Trash.

    2. True but trash comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. Maybe we should all just be using the term TRASH without any racial distinction. Afterall, that is what MTG and her ilk are...just a bunch of trash.

    3. You would call her a Supremacist, rather than a Supremacist. There is a difference between your grandparents trials, and those people Marjorie Taylor Greene represents today. Do not conflate the two.

    4. I'll go out on the limb that White Trash is NOT the category below slavery as they were not brought here against their will, and then bought, sold, beaten, raped and murdered at the whim of the racists fucks who owned them.

  2. Oh, yes.
    Drying racks are very effective. I dry all my sweaters on one.
    As for the Repugs, you nailed it. I think it all started when The Shilla from Wasilla came into the national scene: pure trash, many lies, no policies, all noise and bravado. Poor McCain. Between Sarah and his horrible daughter...
    And Santos may have a very nice comeuppance. I'm saving some popcorn for that one.