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Friday, February 24, 2023

Stupid as Elon

 Well, we didn't quite get as toasty as they were predicting yesterday.  Our temps decided to hang out at around 73 (F).  Don't get me wrong, that's still a very nice temperature and the day was simply lovely.  I wore shorts outside, of course, since I've been wearing shorts on and off for most of the winter that's not too special.

I spent some time chatting with a tech from Adobe yesterday learning how to size a PDf to satisfy Barnes & Noble's requirements for cover art.  The changes need to be done in what's called the Preflight tool.  I was so happy when I submitted the cover and it was accepted... until I got an error.  They were having a problem converting the PDF/x-1a.  Well, son of a bitch!  I've sent them an email for an explanation.  So far there's been no response.  My patience is running out.  I'm almost to the point where I'll only sell the ebook through them.

Last yesterday afternoon I received an email from Amazon.  My Cosori air fryer was being recalled.  There's a problem with some of the wiring; it might catch fire.  I saw that 2 million are being recalled.  That's a lot of faulty wiring.  They'll replace it for free, so I started the process, cut the cord and sent the pictures.  

Today's the one year anniversary of Russia's invasion of the Ukraine.  Things are not going well for Trump's Blo Bro Vlad.  Will wannabe authoritarian dictators learn their lesson?  Absolutely not.  They may temper their ambition for a short time, but that will pass.  One of the reasons they will never change is billionaires.  Money talks.  While Russian oligarchs have been financially injured by the war, those injuries are minor, scratches and nicks that will heal.  They may actually replace Vlad because he screwed things up so badly.  Unfortunately, they will most likely put another incompetent in power.  Money talks, but it doesn't make you smart.  Look at Elon Musk, if you want a good example.  That man is stupid.


  1. Wait, 73 degrees in February? Whoa. It's 23 here right now.
    And that's scary about the air fryer! Fire, you said? Whoa. And annoying the whole Adobe thing? Ugh.

    Ok, so Vlad should be SO pissed off. One fucking year and his capabilities as strongman tested every hour. Poor narcissistic soul. But you are right. The Russian Oligarchs will put someone else in his place. Also, didn't he have cancer??


    1. 73? yeah. But don't be jealous, we're only supposed to hit 47 (F) today. I'm going to cancel the Adobe subscription, no need in paying $20 a month if it doesn't work. And Vlad has supposedly had all sorts of health issues. Let's all hope he's suffering greatly.

  2. I think Elon is smart, but one dimensional. He has no social skills and should not be telling others how to live. Lock him up in a lab, but no one showed follow his life advice.

    1. He has no social skills because being as wealthy as he is, he's never needed them. And he's not a developer or scientist, his purchase of Tesla was a lucky gamble.