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Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Karma in New Palestine

 Rain is in the forecast.  How much we're going to get today is anybody's guess.  The weather map has big splotches of blue snow heading our way but the temps outside are in the mid 30s (F).  We may end up with some big, fat wet flakes that melt when they hit the ground at first.  Today is also supposed to be cool, tomorrow temps are predicted to pop up into the mid 70s (F) before falling back down to what's considered normal spring weather.  Of course, spring is still a month away.  

I have an eye appointment on Monday morning and for some reason I didn't ask off for work.  Actually, I'm surprised that I even made it for a Monday since that is always one of the days that I'm scheduled to sit at the flooring desk.  I will call and get my start time changed to noon since there's a possibility my eyes will end up getting dilated.

Some day this week, I want to paint my kitchen ceiling.  I scrubbed it down yesterday.  Because of cooking, kitchen ceilings can be the worst.  I must have twisted the wrong way while up on the ladder because my lower 5 vertebrae are having a bit of a fit; nothing that some quality time with a heating pad won't cure.

For dinner last night I made fish chowder.  It was the first time for this recipe and I have to tell you, it's a keeper.  Rather than heavy cream, evaporated milk is used.  This chowder is quite tastylicious. \

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has gotten involved with the New Palestine chemical mess.  It is a shame politics had to become involved with the problem, but it did, though not in the way some might think.  Right from the start, the Republican governor, Bill DeWine said things were under control, that no help was needed.  This was his way of saying Ohio didn't want to be beholding to a Democratic administration.  Offers were made for assistance by the Biden administration and they were politely declined, until the Republicans realized they could play this top their advantage.  

What is interesting about the entire situation is how Karma has come into play.  You see, the Obama administration passed legislation require brakes on rail cars to be upgraded to avoid such derailments.  Trains go very fast in the country and brake to a much slower speed when coming to towns.  Brake failure was a major factor in the New Palestine derailment.   So, how could that happen?  Well, Norfolk Southern, the rail company responsible, among others, complained these upgrades were too expensive.  So the Trump administration rolled back that legislation so brakes were not upgraded.  People in New Palestine voted heavily for Trump in both elections.  This is how Karma works.


  1. I did see the issue of the Trump administration rolling back some of the safety legislation (lobbying much?), but in the end it's always "the little people" that pay, isn't it. And good luck on painting your ceiling. I started my bathroom ceiling yesterday and I'm already fed up!

    1. It is always the little people who pay. I'm hoping this will be the last time I paint the ceiling.

  2. That is an interesting bit of Karma.

  3. Oh yes. Karma
    And don't forget that Cheetolini picked Ms. Chao, The Turtle's wife to work with this and she did a number with the laws that were in place, too. Karma.
    And that chowder looks yummy.


    1. Most people don't understand that Karma doesn't mean 'what goes around comes around,' rather it is the balancing of the universe, and it doesn't balance it everywhere at the same time.