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Saturday, February 18, 2023

Apple Horseshit

 I got a lot done yesterday.  I'm always pleased when most of the chores on my list get accomplished.  I see this as proof that I don't turn into a slug in between books.  This doesn't mean I'm not making notes.  They are a constant.  It even has a working title:  The Body in Motion.  Now, ain't that snappy?

I had an offer from Xbox for 3 free months of Apple TV +.  Anybody who knows me knows that I am not an Apple Head, one of those sad individuals who lives and breathes Apply.  Once I did buy an rather large iMac at the recommendation of a friend; 3 weeks after the warranty ran out the hard drive devoured itself.  That's what I was told by Apple IT as one of their techs remotely tried to save it.  He failed.  Anyway, I thought 3 months free isn't bad and I've always wanted to watch Foundation, so I went through the process of reactivating  my Apple account.  I found Foundation in the menu, however when I selected the program I got an error message:  This browser does not support the playing of Foundation.  I can, however, play it on an android tablet or phone.  What fresh horseshit it this?  If I ever get the chance to watch Foundation, I want to watch it on my big screen TV, not a tablet, or computer desk.  Needless to say, I promptly cancelled my subscription to Apple TV +.

Here's a little video about what happens to my notes after I finish a book.  Posterity?  Ain't that a kicker.

Of course, Dominion, the company suing Fox News, published quite a few disturbing emails on Thursday and the repercussions are still bouncing off the walls.  Here's the gist:  Fox knew Trump lost the election and that his minions were spinning unbelievable lies, its broadcasters (Hannity, Ingraham, et al) knew this too, yet the network endorsed these lies to keep from losing viewers to Newsmax.  Here's a bit  from the Washington Post if you want a more detailed explanation.  Will Dominion win its lawsuit?  It is difficult to say.  Fox is saying their First Amendment rights give them the permission to say whatever they want.  What will come into play is their insistence of calling themselves a news channel.  From what I've read, this is a true nightmare for the network.  They jumped into a real shithole when they chose to ignore the truth in order to satisfy their loyal viewers.  They may survive, but a name change to Fox Conspiracy Channel might be required.


  1. The Note Tote!!!!!! That's a lot of notes. I noticed none of them are written on napkins like say if you're out and you have an epiphany? I love that chuckle at the end you seem quite proud of yourself!

    1. Those who've seen the clip find it amusing, and napkin notes are out, otherwise they'd get a separate video.